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13 Nov 2005, 4:56 pm

I am looking for resources to help with my sons next step in life. He will be 18 in 8 months and he is going to need adult resources and probably adult placement.
My son is extremely intellegent and talented with computers and has incredible creativity.
His issues come when it comes to normal everyday activities like personal hygien, money management and responsibilities (although I know alot of teens have these issues, put I doubt to this degree).
My son will not do things unless told to do so. His responsibility level is like a 10 year old.
I have thought about allowing him to live at home but I dont think it gives him the opportunity to grow if he is living with his mother.
I am hoping to find a good adult placement where he can interact with other adults and work towards independence.
I would like a resource that will continue to help him with job training, medication monitoring and life skills. We have been lucky that his school provides alot of these resources but like I said that will end in 8 months.
I have been told by his doctor that my son will probably qualify for full SSI as my son has an unlikely chance of holding a job, although I am still hopefull.
I have been told that my son will qualify for SSI but I have heard that is only $900 in California. I dont know anyone that can live on $900 in California.
Anyone know if Oregon has better resources than California?
Anyone know of any good adult placement resources. I would prefer one that specializes in AS. One that can help my son use his talents to his advantage.


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13 Nov 2005, 5:15 pm

SSI on the federal level only provides about $575/month or something around that. Individual states can provide additional money if they do that (California obviously does; the state I live in -- Illinois -- does not). SSDI can give you $1,095-ish on the national level and I'm on that because my father is deceased and I'm diagnosed with a permanent, childhood-onset disability. You can also get that if you have a parent that's retired.

There are probably more services available, but I think you'd have to apply for them separately (housing, etc.)


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06 Oct 2007, 7:27 pm

Oregon has about $10,000 a year that goes to help asperger people meet needs like voc rehab or whatever the aspy person wants that fits in their guidelines. My son's personal assistant says there aren't a lot of choices for aspies. Usually they stay at home and play Warcraft, I think.

My son has aspy friends and we like being around them. They have good brains but little confidence. I think with the right kind of mentoring and adapting situations to their temperaments, they could make good livings. People just have to get together and talk.