No common ground or common language--how can I work this?

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04 Sep 2008, 4:23 pm

Alrighty then, how should I write this out?

I'm currently in my 2nd week of college, and I'm having an alright time, hard at work on math(how I despise you) and my other classes. However I've also eagerly on the lookout for a girl I can match up with, since my dating resume so far is an almost-girlfriend (who would have said yes if she hadn't had to move before I could) in my 6th grade and a 'no' in 12th; and recently I've noticed a girl who's been casting me odd looks and at one point giggled with her friend after I past by. I rarely encounter her, since we're moving in opposite directions in our studies (I'm aiming for Musical Theater and History and she's going for Mathematics and Business). Adding to the mountain of barriers, she's an exchange student from China. Her English is somewhat...unsteady, and she has a little trouble understanding me (not unexpected, since many of my peers can't understand me), but the few times I have a moment with her she seems flattered. She's also pretty shy (fine by me, since I'm still trying to grow out of my shyness). Since I lack the programming for non-verbal communications, and she doesn't have the best english (the only chinese I know is the type you generally don't hear on a daily basis), I guess I'll have to improvise with basic english and nonverbalism I've done my best to learn. To get both of us in a position to see each other more often, I'm going to ask her to pizza or something the next opportunity I get. Still, even with this much preparation, I'm not sure exactly how to proceed, or it might be my lack of confidence again. So whatever advice/encouragement I could get would be appreciated. I'd also like to know when it would be best to tell her about my AS and--if it's not too much to ask--how to say 'Asperger's Syndrome' in chinese, in case she doesn't understand me when I explain it (which is more than likely). Advice/encouragement/aid please. Thanks.