NTs who inspired you / positive experiences with NTs

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19 Sep 2008, 7:37 am

I'm best friends with one of the most popular members who go to my clubhouse and he's NT. He's invited me to come to Toastmasters, one Thursday evening, and I've just done my 10th speech, last night.



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19 Sep 2008, 7:47 am

Aurore wrote:
Mindovermatter wrote:
the problem is, for an NT to inspire you they must understand what your going through. I've yet to meet anyone who understands. Even my family, some of them think I just "dont like people" or im "overreacting" lol. I just shrug it off and keep telling myself it will be better when I die.

Aw :( I'm sorry about that.

For me, it makes me happy if someone even tries to understand. I guess I have really low standards.

See there was a problem with communication between your post and mine. You dont have low standards, the thing is I dont carry around a sign saying "hey i have autism somebody come and empathize with me" and the people I have told(close relatives) think im making excuses for myself. However my mother understands because she said there was complications during my birth and it makes sense to her. She trys to inspire me in her own little way but it does no good and sometimes I wish I never told her about it.