5 Favorite/Least Favorite Characters on The Wonder Years

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24 Sep 2008, 3:17 am

Since I like almost every character on the famous nostalgic show, here are my favorite/least favorite characters of all-time:


5. Jack Arnold--One of my favorite TV dads of all-time, Dan Lauria provided the most realistic characterzation of a father in television history. He is just like my dad in real life although my dad showed more affection for the family than Jack. Jack did everything he could to support his family and showed that he cared for his family even if he does not.

4. Wayne Arnold--Although he is kind of out-there in terms of characters on TWY, he still reminds me of older brother when he was around Wayne's age. Wayne is the epthany of all annoying older brothers everywhere. Wayne is my favorite "love-to-hate" character of all-time and Jason Hervey did a terrfic job portraying the black sheep of the family.

3. Mr. Collins--Although he appeared in three episodes in season three, he is the best short term character not only in Wonder Years history, but in television history as well. I had teachers that made me work like a dog and this character hits right at home with me. It is too bad that he died because I want to see him more.

2. Paul Phiffer--I know people are going to give me crap for this, but Paul is one of the best characters on the show because he is what I like to call a "real" nerd. He is not over the top like Steve Urkel or Screech Powers therefore makes him more memorable, emotional, hilarious, and don't forget timeless. He is also a great best friend to Kevin which also makes him one of the greatest sidekicks in TV history. For the last time Marylin "Brian Warner" Manson did not play Paul Phiffer.


Kevin Arnold--When I was a kid I wanted to be just like Kevin because one he gets all the girls at Kennedy and McKinley and second he is the everyboy; he's not the most popluar boy nor is he a total outcast. He is in the middle of the crowd which is I like the most about the character. I know it is an understatement but this is Fred Savage's best performance ever as he was nominated twice for an Emmy for his portryal as a typical 12-17 year old boy going through "The Wonder Years"


5. Doug Porter--He is one of the most spineless kids I have ever seen in TV history and plus it's another stereotypical fat kid character. The writers could improve on that character.

4. Winnie Cooper--While I do think she is very pretty (there's no doubt), as a character she is one of the most grating characters known to man. What does Kevin see in that girl anyway?

3. Craig Hobson--Can someone please punch this little punk in the face, please?

2. Becky Slater--What a psycho tween b***h! I am glad that Craig and Becky are together so they can leave Kevin alone.


Ricky Haslenbach--This guy makes Doug Porter seem useful. How did he get a hot woman (albeit with a big nose) to stand him let alone go out with him. If it was not for Kevin (or his friends for that matter), Ricky would have been just a lonely fat guy with no friends. This guy sets fat people back at least 10 years.


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29 Sep 2008, 12:29 am

Man, I used to love that show when I was a kid. The "realness" of it really appealed to me and sometimes it was kinda painful to watch because sometimes it was so "close to home".

I was easy for me to fall in love with the Winnie Cooper character because her quietness and awkwardness mirrored my own.

Kevin mirrored my angst, anxieties, and fears.

I looked at Paul with both pity and disgust. I agree, he was a "real nerd" and was written and acted so well. The reason for the pity and disgust is that at the time, I was still trying to navigate my way through the harrowing social hierarchy of school and Paul represented the person I feared of becoming. As I grew up, I began to embrace my "inner nerd".