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03 Dec 2005, 5:42 am

The suggestion of your man playing by the alpha male rules seems a very likely cause your his different attitude when you spoke to him and has no bearings on his feelings for you.

As for his wanting to stay in Austrlia; it is very regular that people fall in love with the new surroundings of a different country and feel like they don't want to leave. People find a different part of themselves abroad and he sounds as though he wants to share this with you as he loves you.

If by any chance he has met other females to whom he has become more than plutonically friendly with, then I'm sure it would have just have been a spur of the moment thing with no emotional reason attached to it and will only be a threat to your relationship if you turn it into more than it might have been. IF he has been unfaithfull you would have a right to be angry but it is damging yourself if you carry it with you for too long or blame yourself.

It is more likely he has behaved himself but is simply temporarily enjoying being himself as an individual rather than 1/2 of a couple 24/7. Maybe, if you are not already doing so, you can try something new to do on your own or with people you don't often see so that you too can enjoy being an individual rather than 1/2 of a couple.

It's just amazing how bears and people can be.