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13 Dec 2008, 1:54 am

Okay, I'll do Claire's. Claire, I am sorry if any of this bothers or offends you, I'm an amateur :D

I would be a green tree python, because they live in trees, are a pretty color, and I have always thought it would be cool to swallow my meal in one bite.

Claire333, your sense of timing is impeccable. You only touch down at certain points, make your point, are clear as day about it, and no one can change your mind, nor do they usually want to, because you're usually right. You do all of this while blending in to your environment, much the way a GTP (green tree python) does. Did you know they change color from bright yellow or red to green as the age?

My second choice would be a bird, (any type of colorful, flying bird would be fine) because they live in trees, are pretty colors, and I have always thought it would be cool to fly, and maybe be swallowed whole by a python.

You appreciate a mate that not only accepts you completely as you are, but seeks you out. Maybe a more social influence, someone who does the "normal" conversation thing, someone who can act as a go-between when you don't feel like dealing with it, but never forgets you. You probably have, had or need a very deep emotional connection with your mate, although sometimes you wonder how they can be so active.

I do this often. I feel alone, deaf, windblown.

You're at a point where life is taking a lot of effort right now. You're still hopeful, though. Maybe you've been there before.

I imagine I would feel distracted, interested, and maybe have the urge to pee. Edit: crap. I just read the other posts and noticed someone already took the pee line...thought I was being clever...guess not.

You're comfortable with your sexuality. Maybe even a litttle bit bored. You should try something new, maybe.

I have a room similar to this in my head. I sometimes go there when I need silence from my own thoughts. Otherwise...I am not sure...three things that would need a small white room? Storm shelter, solitary confinement cell, the inside of a freezer. Or do you would I feel in the small white room? If so, quiet, private, relaxed.

You have less of a concept of death than most people. You don't really think about it. I'm guessing you're probably not terrified of it, and are more practical than religious. You see it as rest, but aren't concerned too much with it.


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21 Dec 2008, 12:48 am

A wolf that does not belong to a pack.
-I'd be very independent. I'd be able to run my own life and I wouldn't need the company of others to exist happily.
-I'd be strong in both mind (understanding of the ways of the world/other living beings, and how to deal with both) & body (intimidating, fast, and physically strong) for my very survival would depend on it.
-I'd be a drifter in my youth, and a hermit at a very old age.

A bird.
-I'd be able to travel to many different places.
-I'd be able to observe many things in life, since most other creatures wouldn't notice a bird from way up in the air/trees.
-I'd live a simple life with very little worries, if any at all.

-Apathetic/Indifferent towards my surroundings
-Content/At peace with myself and my surroundings
-Aware of my surroundings as well as my current state of being

-Indifferent towards the sound itself
-A bit curious as to where the sound is coming from
-Calm, as it wouldn't bother me all that much

-I'd be curious as to how I even got into the room in the first place, and also ponder whether or not there is a purpose for me being in the room at all.
-I'd wonder what purpose the ceiling tile serves.
-I'd try to figure out a way to reach the ceiling tile to figure out exactly what it is.