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10 Dec 2008, 2:49 am

Callista wrote:
Hey, I hadn't thought of sprouts! Great idea. I know you can do it with lentils and soybeans... We used to sprout seeds when I was little; they were indeed very good on sandwiches.

I don't know if sprouting beans denatures the protease inhibitors in them. Unless the protease inhibitors are denatured beans are difficult to digest and, surprisingly, thought of as poisonous in some instances if consumed raw.
If you sprout beans, still cook them. Don't eat them raw.

Seeds (like radish, alfalfa, sunflower, or chives) and nuts (which even if they're raw don't actually sprout but do chemically change) are fine raw.

I like to make "green" drinks by adding lots of green leafy vegetables and seed sprouts to fresh fruit juices I blend up. The drinks are mostly sweet from the fruit but a bit greenish looking from the leafy greens.

Grains I sprout, grind, and make into crackers in my dehydrator set at a low temperature so as not to destroy the enzymes.
I also juice the green "grass" part of grains like wheat or barley. Its pretty strong stuff and only drunk by the ounce.