need info with adults over 50 with aspergers...?

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14 Dec 2008, 2:53 pm

Getting the power of 50+ topic

There is nothing in Barrie, Ontario for adult Aspies and Auties. I would eventually like to go back to T.O. Bigger cities are better for resources for anyone with a challenge/difference.

I suppose it would be wonerful if I started something for Adult Aspies/Auties. I tried this years ago when I had the idea to form a Child Care Connection so people would have a resource to find good quality child care providers 24 hours a day. I could not stand all the phone calls and was no good at networking, and had no computer, etc. Now there are more options anyway in Barrie, years later.

I am no pioneer, and no good with groups and organizing. Groups are scary. 8O

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14 Dec 2008, 8:10 pm

welp, I'm over 50, but only just...;) I haven't been formally diagnosed, but I'm going up for a job, so maybe there's some things I don't want to share with the new company's HR...;)

I'll have to check out some of these books.