need info with adults over 50 with aspergers...?

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14 Dec 2008, 11:50 am

KingdomOfRats wrote:
sorry for the usual delay...have scanned most of the booklet thing on,left out the pages which were useless to an adult [the little children sections] and left out the video/dvd/cd sections as well as they were all uk based only.
the rest of these books should be able to be bought in the us as theyve got isdn on them-think that means if go and show it to a book shop staff,they will be able to find it or order it in.
there arent a lot of adult books available but have scanned almost all ages and sections in case he would find any of them relatable and helpful.
if cant see the text on the pages,save them and zoom in,and if they arent loading,its because image shack is being crap again,refreshing should do it,or try later-couldnt think of another image host.

front page ... agent4.jpg

recommended reading

the NAS autism helpline books

general books on autism and asperger syndrome

children with autism and asperger syndrome

children with autism and asperger syndrome continued,and explaining autism spectrum disorders to children

explaining autism spectrum disorders to children continued,and adolescence with autism and aspergers syndrome

adolescence with autism and aspergers syndrome continued,and adults with autism and asperger syndrome


sensory issues. diet and the autistic spectrum

communication. education

partners. sexuality

sexuality continued, and employment

personal accounts. novels

what could also do is print off some pages written by adults on the internet,so then he does not have to use a computer.

wow thanks a bunch :) ... its okay, i dont mind delay at all. i'm always delayed so even if u sent it next month, i wouldnt mind hehe.

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14 Dec 2008, 2:53 pm

Getting the power of 50+ topic

There is nothing in Barrie, Ontario for adult Aspies and Auties. I would eventually like to go back to T.O. Bigger cities are better for resources for anyone with a challenge/difference.

I suppose it would be wonerful if I started something for Adult Aspies/Auties. I tried this years ago when I had the idea to form a Child Care Connection so people would have a resource to find good quality child care providers 24 hours a day. I could not stand all the phone calls and was no good at networking, and had no computer, etc. Now there are more options anyway in Barrie, years later.

I am no pioneer, and no good with groups and organizing. Groups are scary. 8O

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14 Dec 2008, 8:10 pm

welp, I'm over 50, but only just...;) I haven't been formally diagnosed, but I'm going up for a job, so maybe there's some things I don't want to share with the new company's HR...;)

I'll have to check out some of these books.