History Channel No Longer Shows History Stuff. Why?

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19 Dec 2008, 11:51 pm

I think the same can be said for Speed Channel. They used to show all sorts of racing. Now (at least during the regular racing season), they glop it up with NASCAR. I'm talking every practice session (unless it's during ESPNs run with Sprint Cup, in case ESPN carries final practice aka 'Happy Hour'), qualifying, filler shows between sessions, and then on Friday nights where there's no truck series race, they replay what was on earlier.

However, their Formula One and Rolex Sports Car coverage is quite good.

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20 Dec 2008, 8:54 pm


Ok, WWII was admittedly a very dark time in humanity's past. I would single us out for the lion's share of the blame for it though. I could find millions of Chinese who would bring up the Rape of Nanking, millions more Koreans who object to 'comfort women' (drafted as prostitutes for the Japanese Army), or even diplomats who were subjected (thankfully, unsuccessfully) to biological warefare.

They must be teaching this stuff somewhere; that it would have been better for the US to forego the bomb and spend an additional 2 years losing a million dead, and who knows how many million Japanese dead, the partition of Japan into North and South Japan (like Korea), and a potential conventional war with Russia once our forces met. Better dead conventionally than through nukes, no matter what the number.

And perhaps because we did see the horror of the bomb, we've been smart enough not to use it again.