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17 Dec 2008, 5:10 pm

ImTheGuyThatDidThat wrote:
""Money is not a gift- money/gift cards are a cop-out. Money/gift cards say, "I don't really value our relationship enough to put any thought into a real gift."""

Oh crap! 8O why hasn`t anyone told me this before-
i like to find something personal giftewise, but i do
also give cash sometimes so they can get exactly
what they want themselfes - didnt know that people
saw it as you dont care if you give cash, i thought of
it more like "i really want you to have what you wish
for and here`s what you need to get it since i`m unsure".
:( i might have really sent a wrong message to some
people then, i just.....i just wanted them to get what they
wanted and be happy, instead of me getting something
they maybe didnt want or need or anything.

This is how I interperted it also.

17 Dec 2008, 5:48 pm

FireFox wrote:
Spokane_Girl wrote:
FireFox wrote:
Spokane_Girl wrote:
He said it felt the same to him and looked the same.

Does he have any problem with his eyesight?


Is it just the typical nearsightedness or is it a more severe problem?

He can see things close up. I know his eye sight is worse than mine because I can see things better without my glasses compare to him. He has to sit close to the TV when he plays video games. If he sits at the end of the couch, the whole screen is colors, no picture while I can still see it but it's a little blurry.

17 Dec 2008, 5:54 pm

I did the darnest thing last night. I placed the ice cream in the fridge instead of in the freezer and I didn't even realize I did that. How stupid of me.

Everyone does stupid things, this is why it's the "people do the darnest things" thread. :P

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Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl

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17 Dec 2008, 10:00 pm

stupid things i have done awww do i have to pick one????? :lol:

lol my best friend is gay and the two of us were changing into jammies at our friends house and i went to put my trousers on the radiator and caught sight of his ahem area and just sed wivout thinking 'omg ur well indoud' lol


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18 Dec 2008, 10:04 am

NocturnalQuilter wrote:
cubedemon6073 wrote:
When I received a gift, I wouldn't care if the gift was wrapped or not. I was just happy I got the gift. Personally, I would rather receive cash than a gift if someone wants to give me a gift. This is because the other person may not know what I want. How are they supposed to know what I want?

Money is not a gift- money/gift cards are a cop-out. Money/gift cards say, "I don't really value our relationship enough to put any thought into a real gift." I had a grandmother who would buy presents for all of her grandchildren, but she would give me a $5 bill in an envelope.
The gift you receive isn't just about what you might want- it's a statement about how a person perceives you, what they think about your relationship.
Personally, anyone who would rather get cash or giftcards is being selfish.

That, to me, makes absolutely no sense. If I wanted to buy somebody a present, I would take care to be absolutely sure that it was something they wanted, or could at least use - if I didn't know them well enough to be sure myself, I'd ask someone closer to them what kind of things they liked. And if I still didn't feel qualified to make the correct decision, I would certainly go with a gift voucher. Unless someone knew me very well and could be sure of buying something I wanted, I'd much rather be given a gift voucher or money myself.

It's just very interesting to see how you perceive gift-giving (you say on your profile you're NT) and how I do. If I want to give a present, then the way, to me, to make it a good present is to give the person something that they want or is useful to them. How is a present better and more meaningful just because it's been selected instead of a gift voucher if the person has no earthly use for it? I would say that the gift voucher has potentially had far more 'thought' put into it, because the giver has considered what the person likes.

Suppose you know a friend of yours is a bookworm and loves reading, but because you're really not sure what books he has and hasn't got already, or what new books he might be interested in, you decide to give him a gift voucher for a generous amount for the big bookstore near you. How can that possibly be not a great present?

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18 Dec 2008, 11:18 am

KBABZ wrote:
Let's hope the paper wasn't used.
oh im shure spokane girl wouldnt have minded if it was :wink:

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