Why do NTs believe each other's lies?

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27 Dec 2008, 2:19 pm

I think NTs can afford believing lies because their intuition knows better and later protects them from making mistakes based on having believed lies. Whereas I, if I believe lies, I'm misled to the very core and act on the lies, making huge mistakes.

Eg: an NT can believe when someone tells him that everyone in a certain group is wonderful and lovely and generous and selfless and honest and fair, because it makes him feel better. And yet, his intuition won't let him act on that lie, such as lend anyone in that group any money and hope to get the money back.

In short, they believe what they want to believe, and let their intuition look after their best interest. I'd probably live like that too if I could.

So-called white lies are like fake jewelry. Adorn yourself with them if you must, but expect to look cheap to a connoisseur.