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02 Feb 2009, 5:24 pm

More than two dozen Iraqi refugees have followed Saliba and his family to Sacramento in the past year. The city’s low cost of living, diverse population and abundance of entry-level jobs make it ideal for refugees who arrive without any family connections in the United States. Saliba spends his free time helping out the new arrivals, sharing tips, answering questions and helping them find services.

He continues to follow the U.S. occupation of Iraq closely. He believes almost all Iraqis are thankful for freedom.

“We are very glad,” Saliba said.

He said the violence has been mostly the fault of neighboring Islamic regimes sending militants—like his Saudi Arabian kidnappers—to destabilize the fledgling government and the reconstruction effort. He thinks neighboring countries are worried that if freedom and stability come to Iraq, those religious governments will lose control of their people.

He believes the United States should stay in Iraq for at least another five years. “If the Army comes out now, you know what will happen to Iraq?” he asks. “It will be a sea of blood.”

What are your thoughts? And please read the entire article before making a comment. Thanks.

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