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06 Feb 2009, 1:15 pm

Hey guys. I have been looking for a site or a forum to share my poetry on, and I decided to try it here. Let me know what you think. Any feedback would be appreciated.

The last stand

On they came, the raging maggot hordes
To batter the shields of our small band
Only to fall back broken and gored
And thus we made our very last stand

We were the royal guard, the first rate.
But the gambleing game of life this round
Rolled us the hideous sides of fate
Yet we chose our place and stood our ground

The regulars were yielding to route
The cavalry not winning either
Only we stood then with more then doubt
We, who were closest to our leader

We let sound the cries of our war whoops
Running over grass that grew darker
We made our way past our fleeing troops
Where we knew the killing fared better

We showed our skill as they showed disgrace
the bodies piled as we slew And slew
We fought as they came up face to face
With courage that only heroes knew

We fought as we saw the coming fall
Prepared now to make our sacrifice
If only we had use of a wall
those that we killed will have to suffice

the enemy tried to take us down
they sent their reserves and their elite
pushing towards where shined that great crown
all this and they still died at our feet

On the bastards came, ranks upon ranks
For our spears to pierce, our swords to rend
To writhe against our bloody phalanx
Yet they seemed to march on without end

Pressing our backs against our great lord
Taking cover behind our red stack
They broke our spears and destroyed our swords
Yet we pulled our knives and cut them back

Those in center held their sheilds up high
as those in front slashed throats and cut wrists
this was the day that we all would die
even those left with nothing but fists

Clawing at hair with wild eyes beneath
Taking our foes with us as we died
Our helmets blocked the use of our teeth
We loosed the straps and cast them aside

Our formation was then scattered
The shield wall was peirced and it gave way
All our weapons had now been shattered
Yet we resisted still anyway

Then our king took a spear in the chest
And we all saw him stagger and bow
Then lay on the battlefield to rest
We lost and Nothing can save us now

Then I found myself standing alone
Amidst the stairs of a frozen tide
Hearing the prayers and dying moaning
Of those who had fallen at my side

They stood around me blankly staring
One stepped forward, meaning to entreat
Not expecting anything daring
For the battle had now been complete

Yet the soldeirs were in disbeleif
As the captain was about to start
I took a stance and said through clenched teeth
Come closer, and try to reach my heart!

The cavalier

There is a legacy born far in the steppes of the east
Of a union made between man and beast
By men sired by the gods of the Norse
Who broke the animals and in due course
Made themselves masters of the horse

They made their way south to strange and colorful India
West till they reached bloody iberia
Where the southern kingdoms sent their best
But the horse swarmed down from every crest
And slew near all and enslaved all the rest

All saw what devastation the Aryan horsemen brought
And soon many beasts were found and then caught
Nations all sent their armies far and near
Filling the feilds with the sounds and the fear
That comes with the charge of the cavaliers

They made their way past the standards raised and the flags unfurled
Across battlefields of the ancient world
Where elephants of war took wounds and bled
Where fallen gods were there among the dead
Where all weaker things gave up hope and fled

When chivalry lived and cowardess withered and then died
Christian knights never failed to turn the tide
To drive their steed and wield their shining steel
To break the lines and make the masses real
The scourge of God that infidels would feel

Under a failing sun they went to fight great hosts of doom
They rode through sun and heat, through the dark and gloom
They charged the hordes in great numbers as one
And did not stop until the day was won
Giving no quarter and asking for none

Thousands of years had man bread his horse and gone to fight wars
how short a time that bond was made before
the horse came to be but another tool
for man to use to establish his rule
masters to the horse and to God great fools

and when the blood stoped flowing for a while at least
the sight of a man upon a great beast
could bring a sense of curiosity
as peace softened the animosity
taking away fears of hostility

and you could catch sight of a black rider who wayward bent
rode while non knew his cuase or where he went
wearing garments only myths could have sown
a gaze that was focused as hard as stone
save for his horse and fame he was alone

And while war could be forgotten and time lost to the past
you will always see a pretty young lass
Whose hair runs free in the breeze by the stream
Filled with pleasant thoughts and romantic dreams
Longing for her lover to come she seams

Who sees in the distance the stir of clouds of yellow dust
Who gets sight of a man who rides with lust
Who stops near and comes on at a slow pace
Coming to where he can see her bright face
then takes the girl to have her kiss to taste

Her scent is lovely and her lips are red and very soft
And with a kick and yell the two are off
With one hand the man holds the rains to steer
With the other he holds his loved one dear
Sharing the glory of the cavalier


We took away the burning light
that lit the halls of holy catacombs
we ripped away the shining gold
that braced the tombs and their dry bones

we gave away the secret words
we shouted out across the hoary plains
the truth the names the place they hide
to us it was so much the same

we let go of our wives with glee
and let them wail to their husbands lost
to whores whose kiss is warm as blood
with limbs that are as white as frost

we spat the psalms of holy books
and dashed to bits the sacred images
then sang the songs of wicked hordes
doing as the black scripture says

we took the wench to bear our lust
that daughter of the stately patriarch
she scratched she bit she screamed our names
and faced us as a dog who barks

we let the gates that hold the town
fly back to let the hordes of doom come in
the city now was lost and fell
never to be reclaimed again

we let troops of our enemies
go forth to slay all inhabitance
as we pushed through the horrid scene
to dash the doors that held the prince

we laughed to see his stricken face
and came nearly to lose our minds with fun
as he pointed to each of us
and said all our names one by one

then he unsheathed the blade he wore
and swung a faltering swing which missed its mark
without a scratch we then moved in
the blood we spilled ran long and stark

we hailed the new man on the thrown
over the prince now made a grisly prince
and took the reward promised well
then turned and have not seen him since

we drank the wine we bought with gold
with gold we earned owing a traitors will
we did not heed any regret
so surely as we drank our fill

we turned the coins around and round
and failed to read the signs as failed our sight
yet how could we expect to read
the words without that burning light?