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12 Feb 2009, 2:35 pm

WindozeNT wrote:
Thank you to the few people that took the time to respond. What I was hoping for is for someone to comment on whether or not the tell-tale signs of autism appear evident form the brief description that I've given. I guess I'm looking for a very informal "sanity" check from a very large community that seems to be extremely well versed in this subject. How does one obtain a diagnosis ? Is this as simple as starting out at a family doctor and move up the line from there ?

You will have have to excuse my ignorance as I am only now unveiling the facts surrounding this subject.

Hi and welcome to WP. Yes pretty much everything you describe about your son is the same for me. I was diagnosed with AS at 35 though in kindergarten I was diagnosed with dyslexia and in high school a counselor said I had a developmental disorder though Aspergers diagnosis didn't exist in the US at that time. I think it never hurts to get a AS diagnosis as you never know when you might need it in the future.

As far as the lack of friends I was/am like him and dislike people my own age. I hated all the kids in my classes and instead made friends with teachers. Where I live now there is no one my age I ever run into so all my friends are in their 50's & 60's. Nothing wrong with having older friends. Its often quite rewarding to make friends with a respectable older adult or professor especially one who shares the same interests as your obsession. At university he may even run into other Aspies who became professors.

The main thing is moving to the next step of adulthood ie: working. Its darn near impossible to find work alone type jobs. Has he gone to counseling to learn how to deal with other people and to learn socializing skills? He really needs to learn social skills in order to get on with his life. You can learn them alone the hard way, but it takes longer and you make a lot more mistakes along the way. Better to learn the right way from the beginning.