water change w/spring water. got a question

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10 Feb 2009, 8:45 pm

My betta's tank began to wreak of rotten eggs from the amount of uneaten bloodworms at the bottom of his tank decaying there. I just did a water change. Scrubbed all surfaces including the gravel.

Question: Is there any ammonia in spring water or is ammonia purely a product of animal waste and I'd be better off to wait a little while to add the ammonia neutralizer?

poor thing wiggled away from me when I was transferring him to the holding tank and landed on the floor. 8O


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10 Feb 2009, 9:03 pm

I wouldn't think there is any ammonia in spring water. It is cleansed as it filters through the ground and should contain some minerals, but not ammonia. I guess there's a possibility it could be tainted somehow though. Perhaps a dead animal somewhere in the watertable? Maybe try a different spring if you suspect it is the water.

Not sure about the ammonia stabilizer, no experience with it.

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