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Sea Gull
Sea Gull

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09 Feb 2006, 1:59 am

alex, everyone gets their own room at your school?

Here's how i survive living in the dorms. i agree it's VERY hard! too many noisy people and the rooms are too small.
here's my history:

freshman yr: lived in suite situation, 2 double rooms- good in that lots of room, new dorm, had own living room w/ 3 other students. lots of space. bad: living with other people.
that doesnt work so well for me - i was very depressed that year.

soph yr: lived in apt on campus with 2 friends. had own room, they had double, own living room. best possible situation - had lots of space and people if i wanted them, but still had my own room.

junior and senior yr: small, tiny, single room. good: dont have to live with people. bad: small, tiny room that you dont want to spend a second in longer than you have to, paper thin walls that you can hear EVERYBODY in.

Solution: the only time and I mean the only time I am ever in my dorm room or dorm is between the hours of like 3am-12pm when people are sleeping! I take late classes so I can stay up late in the computer lab or library and wait for people to go to bed, and can sleep late. I come back to sleep in my room then get up and leave and whatever spare time I have I spend in the library basically - I practically live in the library! And the comp lab in the overnight. Yeah its kind of annoying having to arrange my schedule around others' but it works pretty well for the most part I guess. And Im a night owl anyway!

But it is very annoying because there are some nights when I want to go to bed earlier or just want to be in my dorm room and I can't. Because being in my room absolutely terrifies me most of the time. I just hate being stuck in a situation where I can hear so much noise from other people - I don't know why it bothers me so much, it's just that other people my age basically scare me. Their laughs and shrieks are unpredictable, foreign, scary, loud and annoying. Plus I start to get a little jealous, too. So, I try to stay away from it :)

the people on my halls are generally pretty nice though, generally if its the middle of the night and they're still being loud i can ask them to be quiet and they will be.

i have a 9:30 class this semester though on fridays and im not quite sure how im going to manage that because it means going to bed really early and im not sure if i can get them to be quiet or not .

we'll see what happens.


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23 Feb 2006, 1:17 pm

if you want toi live in a dorm choose an alcohol free or substance free dorm