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30 Jan 2008, 9:07 pm

It's been a while since I've posted to this thread, but I'd also like to add the late 60's early 70's Japanese band Les Rallizes Denudes.

Although you may think that they would be derivative of American and British Psych bands from they same era, their long droning psychedelic freakouts are somewhat reminescent of White Light/White Heat era Velvet Underground, but only superficially.

Slow the tempo down to a plodding pace, and add heavy sheets of heavily reverbed of fuzzed out guitars, and peals of feedback, and spaced out, disembodied Japanese vocals, and you come much closer to what Les Rallizes Denudes sounded like. Pure hypnotic psychedelic bliss that occaisionally borders on nightmare. --Great stuff.

Also, their original Bassist got involved with the Japanese Red Army, and went to prison for attempting to hijack an airliner in the early 70's.

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02 Jun 2019, 9:12 am

The special needs school I used to attend used to have a sensory room in which a lot of 1960s psychedelic rock was played in such as the Doors, early Pink Floyd's wok with Syd Barrett. That was about 1971 and the music played in the sensory room was from about 1966-1970. I used to like the Doors riders on the storm and Light my fire. Later I started listening to Neo psychedelic rock from the German band Electric Moon and have a couple of albums on mp3 such as Lunatics and Stardust which is great music. I also like the Ozric tentacles which does some great work as well especially the tune Gift of wings which is on their 1990 album Erpland. The American Neo psychedelic rock band, The Myrrors is also renowned for some great psychedelic pieces such as Mother of all Being and Forward Path. Great for relaxing to when you have anxiety/sensory overload like a stim or simply to make a spliff/spacecake a bit more interesting. Where as mainland Europe, psychedelic rock is experimentation and not really used to enjoy drugs better or to replicate the drug experience. However it is good at sensory regulation in a sensory room or at home. :idea: