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07 Mar 2009, 12:13 am

Ebonics. American drawl.
French, German and eastern European accents as portayed by Hollywood.
The way phrases often are said twice in movies. ("Loud and clear, (insert name), loud and clear.")
The word for the number 12 in both Norwegian, English and German.

Not really a word or term, but the gestures flight attendants make when explaining exits et c, along with their glued on smiles.

Lots of politically correct words, bordering on ridiculous.

The way reporters are intentionally choosing words to manipulate viewers/readers into taking their point of view.

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07 Mar 2009, 2:12 am

twoshots wrote:
eristocrat wrote:
twoshots wrote:
But fewer syllables :wtg:

Making sense takes precedence.

Nonsense. Talking is 10% communication and 90% self indulgence.

Oh, I thought we were talking about the written word. If someone actually uses that kind of sophistry in conversation, I suppose it is 10% better than braying like an ass. Not that there's anything wrong with braying like an ass. I don't mean to insult anybody...