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30 Jun 2009, 4:58 pm

elderwanda wrote:
Also, my AS son loves to get groups of Lego minifigures (we have about 300), and put them on the dining table with various accessories. It's like, he HAS to do that. Like, this morning he made the crew of Serenity, from the Joss Whedan series, "Firefly". The thing that really bugs me about it is that he just dumps them on the table, all haphazard. I come along and line them up in little rows. For the longest time I couldn't figure out why my son with Asperger's didn't want to line things up, while I did. Then I began to think maybe I'm an aspie, too.

Firefly is by far the most amazing series that should have never been cancelled...


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30 Jun 2009, 5:49 pm

elderwanda wrote:
I've been reading through these posts, and I'm not seeing much that seems particularly weird. I mean, aren't kids supposed to do most of those things? Isn't the whole purpose of childhood to learn and explore the world?

Clearly you didn't read my post (page 5).

What do neurotypical kids do?

They don't do the kinds of things I did. That's why I was considered "special" and "special needs" by my teachers.

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30 Jun 2009, 6:12 pm

I'm too embarrassed to mention the weirdest thing, I'll just say that it was deviant behavior.

Other things I did included throwing my toys in the garbage (not sure why I did that), mimicking my grandma, cutting my hair and hiding it on a pillow underneath the sofa, and not (or barely) talking. But when you think about it, what kid doesn't do weird things?


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30 Jun 2009, 6:14 pm

sgrannel wrote:
I drank motor oil (see? I was a motorhead even back then!).

I made an unusual noise with my tongue.

I would mimic the behavior of our cats.

I really liked the soft, fuzzy, blue material my mom used for blankets, and I would rub on it for hours.

I would upset a lot of people without understanding why, and without remembering the sequence of events well enough to figure it out after the fact.

I would refuse to do some things that I would otherwise have wanted to do, just because someone told me to do them, and even now I still don't understand why I did that.

I once told a blind person that he couldn't be blind, and refused to believe him. I tried to test his claim of being blind by asking him what color this and that is (duh!). At the time I just couldn't wrap my mind around how his experience is different from mine.

Once I filled my grandpa's car's gasoline tank with water because I wanted to see if he could just drive on water and not have to pay for gasoline.

in general, i feel so much less alone.

um.. well---i still howl like a coyote. it's fun. and since i live very close to national forest in the southwest--i often get responses. (no kidding. they're really social. they like to answer.) sometimes i bark like them too.

when i was a kid, we had a cat who made a very distinctive sound when she was about to cough up a fur ball. it was kind of a wailing "AWWL-AWWL-AWWL." i had that sound to a t--my mother often came running to clean up the fur ball she was sure had just arrived.

i used to be able to "growl" like her too. that was fun.

cats and coyotes are wondrous beings. (wolves too.)

i still upset people without quite understanding why. trying to figure out the reasons now. having some success; other times i flounder.

thank-whatever (and whomever) for explicit rules.

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30 Jun 2009, 9:01 pm

I used to chew on pens and pencils all the time.(still do sometimes)
I dug for gold in Nasal Cove and sometimes nibbled on the nuggets..they were sweet and salty like those quacker bars.( still do sometimes when people aren't looking)
I once tried cutting my own hair when I was about 4 or 5.
I used to flush my glasses (I used to wear glasses but not anymore) down the toilet when I was small.I actually liked flushing random things down the toilet.I thought things going down there and being flushed was fascinating.
Id go off into my own little world at times.
I thought talking into fans and the sound of my voice vibrating was quite fascinating.
I used to like pretending to be a talking scorpion with a friend back in the third, fourth and fifth grades.We both pretended to be talking scorpions and played "scorpions" alot.If people made us mad, we'd pretend to sting them with our stingers.

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30 Jun 2009, 9:53 pm

Too many to list but some include me eating pencils and eating my own hair (yuck yes I can't believe I did that). Thankfully those I outgrew.. the only thing I really didn't outgrow is nail biting.. been doing that since I was 6.

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30 Jun 2009, 10:45 pm

Wierd by whose standard? Everything I did made total sense at the time I was doing it!!

I started wandering away from home by 9 months, frequently at night
totally hyperactive
Loved games like kick the can
loved swimming, biking, playing in the stream
loved being in trees, avid climber
I loved nutritional yeast, ate it by the spoonful
loved laughing
loved reading
loved singing
LOVED, LOVED animals
food aversians
hated sleeping
HATED school
Believed in magic, did not believe in rules
I was a happy kiddo

This pretty much still describes me

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Sea Gull

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30 Jun 2009, 11:34 pm

i used to pick plantain weeds (they grow all over chicago) and pull the seeds off and pretend to make "pea soup" using a cool whip container placed on the gas utility cap on the lawn.

i would also dig up earthworms and place them in said cool whip containers of dirt to keep as pets.

there were railroad tracks behind the house, and when it rained, the ditch on either side of the track would fill with water and make a "creek". i would improvise a fishing pole out of a long twig and some string and a sinker and try to "fish" over the backyard fence.

i used to run around on all fours through the house like an animal, especially up the stairs.

when i was about 7 i used to make complicated homemade horse bit/bridle things out of string and various sized washers and put them on my head/in my mouth and run around the basement and pretend to be a horse (surprisingly i did not turn out to be into bondage).

at 8 i got my first radio, a ladybug-shaped transistor with volume and tuning dial for eyes and the wings would open up with the volume. i used to lay in bed at night under the covers and listen to the radio (wls, me and mrs jones, sister mary elephant...), and tune in faraway stations. this fuelled my lifelong passion for radio geekery, recording, and dx'ing.


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30 Jun 2009, 11:45 pm

I would repeat actions and sayings off of video games and TV shows, especially cartoons. I still remember the saying on Ape Escape when you capture a monkey.

I would hit my head on a pillow. Somehow that felt relaxing to me.

I taped ants to the floor (yeah... I was sadistic back then.)

For no reason, I kissed this one girl in the first grade (well, forced her anyways.)

Used to run on all fours in the house when I was little and actually lap my cheerios like a dog.

Can't think of anything else right now.

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30 Jun 2009, 11:56 pm

My biggest 'weird' things I did as a kid were making believe a Frisbee was a flying saucer filled with people. It was a disaster to those 'people' when that saucer would hit a tree or land in water. I would spend hours throwing this Frisbee around. Sometimes I'd play Frisbee golf by myself.

The other fantasy thing I loved was using penny's and their dates to represent people of like age and mind. I collected coins so I had tons of new and old penny's I would stage little wars with. There would be two sides with designated dates that determined which side they were on. My bedspread in a pile would represent mountainous terrain. Other obstructions would be used as well. Again, hours were spent trying to figure out which army would win.

Although I was entertained by this as a kid, it seems so weird to me now. No wonder I didn't have a lot of friends growing up. To much competition with my fantasy's.

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01 Jul 2009, 2:12 am

* When I was about 3 or 4 I refused to eat anything but grated cheese for a month

* had read every book in my school library by the time I was about 10-11

* got invited to a girl from school's birthday party when I was 12 and bought her a training bra as her present because she said that's what she really wanted (I didn't think this was weird, but I got lots of weird looks, especially from the girls mum)

* Used to play "shop" by myself in the backyard and had a currency system devised of different types of leaves having different value. Mum got upset when I decided flowers would also make good currency and picked every flower on her favourite tree....

* didn't believe in Santa but pretended to in order to get more presents

many other weird things I did, but i have a shocking memory....


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01 Jul 2009, 3:37 am

cutting holes to sheets by time i learned how to use scissors
one time my mum painted my hands i would run to nearrest wall tapping it (marks still see)
before time i knew what i was doing i used to eat everything including grapes and candys in shops sand etc of course this was one time incident since i got lectured for it (i thought they were free) :oops: my parents decided to keep me in stroller just in case i would do it again i had nothing against it though :lol:

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01 Jul 2009, 3:39 am

Lots of things.

I would go into the woods and swing from tree to tree like I was a monkey. How I avoided breaking my neck is pure luck.

I would pretend I was a pitcher and throw a ball against the outside wall of my parent's house and field the deflections. That wasn't so bad, but I had an ongoing commentary of the game and crowd noise that must have entertained the neighbors.

I would try to outrun deer and rabbits that migrated into the yard. I imagine they hated me for it.

I'd like to roll a sock up and lie on my back and swat it back and forth trying to elude the other hand. This actually helped my hand-eye coordination tremendously.

I'd stage wars using coins, cards, or cans as the combatants.

I'd set up experiments based on my observations and a feeble knowledge of science. I should have been electrocuted in a couple of instances.

I could make some good sound effects and would make squealing tire noises when I ran around. My noises were far superior to my monotone speech at the time.

A couple of times I got so excited about something that I went outside without putting on my pants.

My Mom rightfully wanted to kill me on several occasions for wandering off any time we went somewhere. Actually, most of the time I would stop to stare at something that caught my interest, then I would look up and she was gone. Instead of staying put, I would then go hunting all over the place for her including places where she wouldn't even consider going to. On more than one occasion the police or security ended up being sent to look for me.

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01 Jul 2009, 3:43 am

one thing i love was everytime we went on holiday or out for the day on the train, i would list every singly stop, wired or what,

i love it and i got upset if i miss one out grrr,

i use to watch the same video over and over and over again,

this sound a good post here reading what others did too,


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01 Jul 2009, 11:50 am

as a kid, I'd often go around doing mimicry of television shows mainly around the breakfast table amongst my family :oops: :oops:..Also as a kid, I'd make odd gestures with with my fingers,something that my mom used to get on me for, as she would make the notion of saying,"Quit making those strange finger gestures.."


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01 Jul 2009, 5:08 pm

I would talk about dinosaurs. A 2/3 year old pronouncing these huge long complicated words. My babysitter apparently told my mum that never before had she been corrected on names by a toddler when reading them a dinosaur book. PROUD! Shame I can sometimes struggle to say them now! I would also watch my videos over I think. Still do that.

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