Best (best) ways you've gotten back at someone.

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08 Mar 2009, 7:46 pm

B9 and TallyMan, your stories are so hilarious! I love them! I wish I had your imaginations!

I don't like the way people were treated in two psychiatric institutions I was in so I'm writing a book all about it. (And I put some complaints in the complaint box in one of the psych institutions and went to the police about the other, but the police sided with the institution and the lawyers said they needed a police report.)


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08 Mar 2009, 7:48 pm

sbcmetroguy wrote:
Fnord wrote:
One of the bet ways is to simply outlive someone. Then you can re-tell their history entirely from your point of view without any risk of contradiction.

Holy crap, this is the HOLY GRAIL of advice! I love it. :lol: :lol:

Amen to that. I should do that from now on. :chin:

The best thing I've ever done was destroy his model cars. :lol:

So simple, it's complicated


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08 Mar 2009, 7:52 pm

cosmiccat wrote:

Quoting Alba:
[b][For me, becoming someone's doormat--or the group scapegoat--isn't an option. I will only tolerate it while making other arrangements to get my life on track. If your mental or physical health, or safety, are in jeopardy...the window of opportunity to find an acceptable solution is roughly 6 weeks, or perhaps much less. And if you have helpful family or close friends, they should be notified of the problem in the event you need their help.][b]

I agree. Becoming a doormat or scapegoat should not be an option, but then, whoever consciously opts for such a position?

But, I don't understand. Why is the "window of opportunity" 6 weeks (or less)? Is this a fact in a handbook or manual? I've never heard of it before.

If you feel your life or well-being is threatened, you can go to the police...but that tactic might work better once you've already solved the problem by finding another job...Make a statement to the police this person made you continually fearful for your safety, and that the reason you didn't request a restraining order is because they are a co-worker [with daily access to you] and you feared they would find a way to physically harm you or threaten to make your life more miserable in retaliation.

I don't know. I think if I felt my life or well-being was threatened, I wouldn't wait around until I found a new job to report it. I would go to the police immediately. Finding a new job wouldn't necessarily solve the problem if someone was psycho enough to threaten your life or well being they would probably be so out of touch with reality that they wouldn't rest until they tracked you down. Once your dead, they can't make your life anymore miserable than that. are taking my use of the word "option" too literally, or otherwise misunderstanding. The rest of your points are partially valid, but I wasn't talking about sociopaths. When I said "If you feel your life or well-being is threatened", it should have been clarified as not referring to any sociopath or whacko. "Threatened" was perhaps a poor choice of words. The post was also implicitly addressing the possibility of an irritating situation escalating to a dangerous one. Not that it would, but there is that possibility. Normally being victimized by the office bully is just irritating and crazy making....but if it did escalate to a dangerous state, it might be prudent to make the police aware of the circumstances. As for 6 weeks, that is a reasonable maximum don't you think?--for tolerating severe or continual harrassment, abuse, doormating or scapegoating...especially if it is affecting work performance. And as for stalking....the police take those things very seriously. Get restraining order and file incident report if you have evidence.


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08 Mar 2009, 8:19 pm

b9 wrote:
i do not have a vengeful mind. if someone makes me angry, then i just fume for a while and then i forget it because i can not stay angry for long.

but if someone is making my life difficult, and they are in my life everyday, then i may do things to cause them hardship.

i will say an example.
i had a teacher in year 7 who very much disliked me and she said my attitude was atrocious. every time i addressed her she used to say "how dare you talk to me like that you impudent little upstart". she was very strict, but she had class pets who she unfairly favored.
she was a history teacher. i did not like history at all, and just took it because i had to.
she was disgusted at my lack of interest in history and called me slow witted and an imbecile. i said to her that you did not need to be smart to know history. all you need is a memory. i said that i would only be interested in history at the end of time.
she disliked me intensely from then, and i did not like her at all.

i noticed she had a somewhat paranoid personality, and i also wondered if she had schizophrenia. so i started to chip away at her.

when i would go to class, i always sat right in front of her at the front of the class.
when she asked a question, i would put my hand up (if i knew the answer) and she would have to let me answer if i was the only one who put up their hand. so i stood up and answered, but i pulled serious faces at her while i was talking.
from the class's point of view (from behind where they could not see my face), i was talking in a sober and quiet way to her. from her point of view i had a serious psycho expression on my face as i spoke to her (baring my teeth and grimacing like a monster).
she used to stop me and say "how dare you speak to me in that way", and i instantly dropped the expression and turned slightly so the class could see my innocent expression, and then i would turn back to her and re-pull the same face and say in an innocent way "sorry miss?"
she would tell me to get out.
after many of these incidents, the class thought she was crazy and if another teacher asked the kids what i did wrong, they would say i seemed proper in every way, and they could not understand why she had a problem.

then i practiced ventriloquism in a way, where i would talk without moving my lips. so when i spoke to her with my back to the class was i would silently mouth the words first, then say them audibly without moving my lips. no one but her saw this and she screamed one day "why are you doing this to me you evil little boy?!?!?" and lost her composure in the classroom. the other kids were starting to believe she was insane.

then, on a cold morning when i was in the playground and had condensation coming from my breath, i thought it looked like i was smoking. so i got a white pencil from my bag and pretended to be secretively smoking when she was on patrol. she saw me and started running in my direction and i pretended i was stubbing the cigarette out and i threw the pencil into the bushes and she grabbed me by the hand and dragged me to the principals office.
she demanded that i had been smoking, but when the principal smelled my breath, it was clean, and he politely said to her that she must have been mistaken as it was a cold morning after all. i think he was losing confidence in her to a degree.

after i was let go, she said to me that she knew i was a "sick little jerk" and she was "on to me" and she would have me out of the school before i knew it. i thought "we will see".

then i wrote my best attempt at a 10 page essay that we had to do for a test, and i made sure that the last page contained only a few words.
i also wrote a dummy essay that was absolute nonsense, and i made sure page 9 of that dumb essay flowed correctly and seamlessly into the words on page 10 of the good essay.

so i submitted the 9 page nonsense essay with page 10 of the good essay for her to mark.
she wrote in red at the end of my essay on page 10 that it was rubbish and showed i have not been paying attention. she marked it 25%
then when i got the marked essay back, i discarded the 9 pages of the silly essay and replaced them with the 9 original pages from my good essay and then i complained about my mark to the principal.
he agreed it was a bit harsh.

and then another time, i wrote a scribbled note during class that was about a dream i had where a man was saying "i am going to kill you". (i made up the dream as a stage)
i made sure she saw me writing this covert note and i held the words "i will kill you" tightly between my thumb and forefinger. she demanded the note and started to pick it up but i was not going to let it go (staged) and she ripped it out of my hand. the words "i am going to kill you" were still in my hand, but she did not realize it and went to her desk and read the note. she decided it was nothing to bother about and screwed it up and threw it in her bin.

after class, i picked the note out of her bin. then a few days later, i dropped the piece of paper that stayed in my hand (with the words "i am going to kill you") near her desk.
i saw her notice it and then she picked it up and recognized my handwriting. she went ballistic and said "now i've got you!! !" and she ran out of the room.

i then put the note i got from her bin back in her bin and waited for the principal to return (as i knew he would) and he demanded an explanation. i said it was part of a note that "miss" took off me earlier. the rest is in her bin i think. i said she must have tore it up somehow and maybe she is confused.

he looked in there and found the note and jigsaw puzzled the shred she was complaining about with the rest of the note and it matched.

he asked her to go back with him to his office and i think they had words because she left the next monday.

i have no idea whether i was the reason, but i think her credibility was not well respected by him in the end.
i lasted at that school for another 3 months.

Wow. That's pretty epic.
While reading through the posts I've been trying to think of a revenge story, but the truth is, other than me dating my ex's ex's ex(my ex) after she said it'd never happen(I also rubbed the relationship in her face like she did after she 'stole' him from me[I seriously hated her and I'd insist she 'stole' him like he was some sort of object and it wasn't about him but making her was nasty]), I've never had a really big revenge story.
Oh, there was another time(sadly, it did involve my ex again) when I made someone head bang them self to the desk... if that makes any sense. That seriously did get her to shut up and enlightened my view of using violence in situations to get things solved- 3 months of politely asking her to shut up(contradiction?)=Nothing, 5 seconds and one movement of my arm=She was afraid of me and left me alone(I don't know if that made me the bully, I haven't talked to her since and have no intention what so ever to do so).
I don't even know if the latter constitutes as revenge. I just lost it with her. I did like what it did to my reputation, people weren't scared of me, but they didn't view me as someone who takes crap.
To be honest, I don't even know if the former constitutes. I was so focused on hating her and making her life a living hell like she did(though, she probably won at that) I didn't even focus on the actual relationship with me and my ex(which was my boyfriend).
Stereo-typical teenage girl posts=win(after re-reading this, I just noticed).

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08 Mar 2009, 8:22 pm

In response to Alba:

Quote: are taking my use of the word "option" too literally, or otherwise misunderstanding.

yes, I do have a tendency to take words literally. Sorry about that. :lol: I seem to be misunderstanding quite a lot lately.

The rest of your points are partially valid, but I wasn't talking about sociopaths. When I said "If you feel your life or well-being is threatened", it should have been clarified as not referring to any sociopath or whacko. "Threatened" was perhaps a poor choice of words.

Oh, good. I'm glad I haven't completely missed the point you were trying to make. Still, I can't imagine anyone who threatens your life or well being to be anything but a sociopath or whacko. And, once again, I seemed to have been tripped up on your choice of words. Words. ugh. You would think they would have the same meaning all the time, but you never know. :lol:

As for 6 weeks, that is a reasonable maximum don't you think?--for tolerating severe or continual harrassment, abuse, doormating or scapegoating...especially if it is affecting work performance. And as for stalking....the police take those things very seriously. Get restraining order and file incident report if you have evidence.

I think 6 weeks is far too long to tolerate severe or continual harrassment, abuse, etc. The key word being
"severe." But, yes, I am all for filing an incident report if there is clear evidence. The key word being "clear."

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08 Mar 2009, 10:18 pm

cosmiccat wrote:
Hey, Hartz.


Hey, cosmiccat! :P

Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.
-- Dr. Dale Turner


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08 Mar 2009, 10:19 pm

ephemerella wrote:
cosmiccat wrote:
Quoting ephemerella:
.....I'm helpless against social aggression.

That doesn't sound like the story of someone who is helpless against social aggression. Pretty much the opposite. Wow!

Mutually assured destruction is not winning. And its not a good way to get ahead. If I were able to deal with the social aggression of manipulative abusers constructively, I would. Blowing up the playground when a sexual predator is engaging in personal abuse crimps the abuser's games. But it also kills the kids.

I'd much rather be able to defuse, avoid, shut down or block these sexual predators (male and female) before it gets to an open confrontation or failure stage. But that takes actual social skills I don't have.

Before you jump to that, don't forget what Alfred told Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight, when he asked him how he finally caught the perpetrator in Burma: "We burned the whole forest down".