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23 Mar 2009, 8:45 am

Thanks everyone - I should say, he doesn't JUST repeat lines from TV/Books, but when he is amusing himself or just wanting to 'do' something with me, he usually repeats things he heard from Blues Clues or a couple other shows. The kid has been obsessed with Blues CLues since he was less than 18 months.

Interestingly too, he does sometimes pretend that he's a cat or a bulldozer, but he looks sheepish when he does it, like he knows it's not real... that he's being silly with pretending. Once in awhile he'll talk to his stuffed animals. Like, "Don't worry mousie, it's OK. I missed you so much."

The other thing he has NEVER done until this past weekend is point for something he wants. For now I tell him that I don't understand pointing and he needs to tell me what he wants. He'll point again (in a mostly aimless direction) and then I'll ask him to tell me again and about 50% of the time he'll then say what he wants - bashfully. Sometimes I ask him if he wants what I think he is point at and then he'll say, "Yes, I want to go outside".

In the past couple weeks we've noticed 'some' conversant skills too, but brief.