media biased against disabled,case in point, obama on leno

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13 Mar 2015, 10:14 am

starkid wrote:
heavenlyabyss wrote:
People are inherently racist, discriminating, sexist, etc. Everyone's got these thoughts going on inside them all the time.

I am SO damned tired of stupid bigots assuming or desperately wanting to believe that everyone is also bigoted. No, it is FALSE that everyone is "inherently racist" and sexist, and what the hell does "inherently discriminating" even mean??

I think I'm starting to see why bigots are bigots; they honestly believe that it's normal and therefore acceptable, because "everybody does it." YOU may be racist and sexist, but kindly keep the rest of us out of your warped assumptions about humanity, and yes, I do mean ASSUMPTIONS, as we both know that you've no proof whatsoever that what you are saying here is true.

I would not say people are born bigots. I do believe the vast majority develop stereotypes/prejudices due to fear of difference or being taught these beliefs. Many do not act on it and fight internally to rid themselves of these beliefs. IF you want to label us bigots or say we are are in reality no different then the KKK you are not alone and in fact have support for these in sections of people who hold American progressive world view. I think this view is damaging.

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