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20 Apr 2009, 2:00 pm

Cookie Encounter

I don't know how unusual this is but, I'll tell you what happened to me. I have a couple of Lunchables in the fridge and after lunch, I wanted something sweet because all I had for lunch was meat. I try not to eat a lot of carbs, they make me sluggish and tired. Protein in meat seems to be the only thing that clears my head and doesn't physically drain me. After I ate lunch, I was craving something that was a carbohydrate so I looked and found nothing except a Lunchable with two Nabisco Vanilla Creme cookies inside. I opened the package just where the cookies were and got them out and put the rest of the Lunchable back in the fridge.
I sat back down on the couch and began to eat the cookies. It was then I noticed just how much I love those Vanilla Creme cookies. I don't know if it was because they had been in the fridge or what but something about the texture of the cookie and the inside vanilla creme flavoring was so delicious, after eating the two I wanted more just like those. EXACTLY like those. It was worth running to grocery store across the street for. So, I jumped in my car and zoomed over, a quick run inside the store with my canvas tote grocery bag and I would be back at home on my couch with more of those outstanding cookies.
I raced to the cookie aisle with Nabisco "Vanilla Creme" practically engraved into my grey matter so I didn't forget the brand (I figured there would be lots of this type of cookie and I wanted to make sure I found this particular type and brand because not all cookies that are the same are alike, ha-ha) I began scanning each shelf looking for a package that said Nabisco Vanilla Creme. I found the Golden Oreos first. Then, I found Nilla Wafers. I found the Keebler Vienna Fingers and some generic cookies. When I looked on the package to see what flavor was inside the Golden Oreos, I only saw "original" which didn't tell me if they were vanilla or some strange sugary flavor. I wanted he exact same cookie I had in the Lunchable but I couldn't find any. I stood there for fifteen or so minutes in disbelief. I thought for sure that store would have more of those cookies and I wasn't about to raid any more Lunchable packages just for two cookies (my plan was to replace the two I took out of the package at home).
As it turned out, none of those cookies were at that grocery store so either they only put them in Lunchables or they have them at some other store I would have to drive further to get to.
I ended up buying the Famous Amos Vanilla cookies instead. At least they had the word Vanilla in the title so how different could they be?
I got home and tasted one. They weren't a lot like the Lunchable cookies and I was very disappointed at how tough the cookie part was. The inside was alright but I wish it had been the same thickness as the Nabisco brand. The part I liked least was the cookie part of the Famous Amos Vanilla. It wasn't the light, airy short bread. Instead it was something like an Oreo only it was more stale.

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20 Apr 2009, 2:05 pm

I can definitely relate.
My Dad used to make me try new things and it was hell.
When trying new foods, I've always found that eating it with something I like is better, it gets rid of the taste. But if he doesn't like it, he most likely won't be persistent on eating it.
I use to hate chicken, and now it's my favourite food.
I don't know.
But yeah, I'm pretty sure it's common in Asperger's Syndrome.


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20 Apr 2009, 2:21 pm

My tastes aren't unusual but I am very picky. I want to eat only the best quality of food. I as an example refuse to eat any meat with bones or fat, I want 100 percent quality meat. Anything with bones or a piece of fat ruins the entire meal for me. That's just one of my examples.

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Tufted Titmouse

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20 Apr 2009, 3:04 pm

Sometimes I will not eat unless it is spicy. There is something about the small degree of pain that is very soothing for me. I don't know if it is the senses of touch and taste being stimulated simultaneously, or if it has to do with endorphins from the pain sensation. It is also hard for me to eat sweets. Sometimes it is fine and I can enjoy a cookie, but other times there is something uncomfortale about the sweet sensation. I cannot stand the texture of milk, unless it is on cereal. There is not a single food that I have found that I out and out just dislike because of taste. However, there are other factors that decide whether or not I can eat something.


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20 Apr 2009, 3:11 pm

I'm not terribly fussy but I don't mix sweet with savoury ever, I tried pork with apple sauce once. minging it was. I also can't stand peas or sprouts. And I eat pretty much the same thing every lunch time at school, that's because I don't know the prices of anything else and I don't want to go to all the trouble of changing it all and getting confused over prices etc so I stick with what what's familiar.
My sister (nt) has weird habits though, she isn't fussy but she makes up the weirdest combinations, not long ago she dipped RAW SPINNAGE in MELTED CHOCOLATE and said it tasted nice!

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20 Apr 2009, 5:36 pm

im such a picky eater too!! !
i didnt know that was an AS thing back then cuz i felt like the only person in the world who didnt eat pizza and other things too lol


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23 Apr 2009, 9:11 pm

Will not eat any kinda meat the texture makes me wanna throw up, same with fish, seem to eat a lot of legumes, but will only eat them cooked in a very precise way. Eggs sicken me ever since I found a blood spot in one so for simplicitys sake am a vegan now.Love the taste of soy cheese but refuse to eat the solid stuff like redwood. could eat vegan hot dogs all day but cheap soy mince turns my stomach. Love home made curry or chilli but cannot eat certian types of bread.

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23 Apr 2009, 11:34 pm

Some of the things I have refused to eat ever since I was a child are: tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, brussell sprouts, turnips, okra, eggplant, asparagus, anything with hazelnut, pork, and sea food. I can't stand the smell of alcohol, do I haven't had that either. The tomatoes, mushrooms, eggplant and olives were because of the slimy texture. I told my mom that eating brussell sprouts was "like eating little bushes" and eating asparagus was "like eating little trees." Oh, and rhubarb! My great-aunt made us a rhubarb pie when we were visiting out west one summer, and my mom made us each eat a piece to be polite. I threw up. That was the last time I ever ate it. -Safia

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24 Apr 2009, 4:58 pm

I won't eat very many things with meat in it, and never red meat or meat by itself.

The things I won't eat tend to be pretty specific such as : mushrooms, rice, most cereals, bread, relish, granola bars etc.

That being said, there's enough things that I will eat, and I'm always willing to try new foods at least once. :)


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24 Apr 2009, 5:04 pm

I tend to dissect my meat to a surgical standard, then complain that IKEA don't sell culinary scalpels as I wont eat any fat or tissue or bone etc. and HATE that meat witch is veined with fat and as such only really like pork chops, chicken breast, and steaks when I was younger I wouldn't eat ANYTHING that had sauce (unless it was a pudding) but I have got alot better about that, I just hate really watery sauces. I only try to eat very good quality meat also. Unfortunatley for me My favourite foods are quite spicy and foreign yet my mother detests all that wich is spicy, and she runs out house like a dictaorship, and as such we can nmver get spicy food. Unless she is out and my dad is in, and he's in a good mood. about so about twice a year :cry:


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29 Jul 2017, 1:01 am

I have always been a very finicky eater, although it has changed to a small degree. I like my foods prepared a certain way with certain ingredients & toppings in them.

I have always liked cheese & foods with cheese in them, but I do not like any kinds of other vegetables or meats in them. I also put salt on top of a lot of foods. Pizza & hamburgers are two of my favourite foods, which I have always eaten a lot. I only like my hamburgers either plain or with cheese, ketchup, and salt. In restaurants, whenever there are other condiments or vegetables on my hamburger or cheeseburger, I refuse to eat it & send it back. I also like my turkey burgers exactly the same way. Whenever I eat pizza, I only like cheese, salt & parmesan cheese sprinkled on it, no other toppings. I also like tacos, and all I ever have in them is the tortilla, beef, cheese, ketchup, and salt. Another food I like a lot is ravioli, only with cheese, parmesan cheese, and marinara sauce without any mushrooms, sausage, or any other ingredients. Whenever I find a piece of tomato in the sauce, I take it out & discard it. I am also the same way with spaghetti; I only like thin noodles with hamburger, spaghetti sauce, salt, and parmesan cheese. I always like to have two pieces of garlic toast with my ravioli & my spaghetti. One more food I really like is lasagna. I like a lot of cheese in my lasagna, and I do not like any other vegetables in it. Quesadillas are another food with cheese I like. Most of the time I like them with just the tortilla & cheese, but sometimes I like them with steak in them. Unlike a lot of people, I only like my steaks & hamburgers cooked well-done; any undercooked meat is disgusting to me, and tastes terrible.

Restaurants & gatherings where foods are served have always been difficult for me. There have been several times where I could not find anything on the menu or at the function, so I would just not eat anything, and just wait until I got home & eat what I want at home. My preference has always been to eat at home instead of public places or other people's houses; that way I can eat what I want without any problems. I also know that I will like my own food.

I also like desserts & sweets a certain way. For example, I do not like any kind of nuts. I do not like any kind of candy, doughnuts, cake, brownies, or ice cream with almonds, pecans, peanuts, or any nuts at all. I like my brownies plain, chocolate bars with just plain chocolate, and doughnuts without any filling. The only ice cream flavours I like are chocolate & vanilla. The only kinds of cookies I like are chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter, and snicker doodles. I like milk shakes & malts too, but only chocolate & vanilla flavour. I also hate raisins.

Another problem I have always had is that I do not like to eat foods that came from another person besides my family. I know that it is unrealistic that they have done anything bad to the food, but it still worries me. When I went to school, sometimes I would be offered foods from other students or teachers, and I could not accept it; I would get sick to my stomach.

One more issue I have is that I do not like to eat in front of other people. I get worried that they are watching me & judging me. When I go to work, I bring my own lunch with me, and I wait until the kitchen is vacant so I can eat my lunch in private.

The only beverages I like to drink are milk & water. I sometimes drink fruit drinks like orange juice, apple juice, grape juice, and lemonade, but I do not like them with any pulp in them. Sometimes, I like to drink hot cocoa. I hate soft drinks; I used to drink soda & fruit punch when I was a young child, but I quit drinking them when I was 10 years old.

As I have gotten older, the foods I like have changed a little bit, but not very much. I like my foods to be predictable, and I know exactly how I like them. If they are not exactly how I want them to be, then I will just go hungry.

Sea Gull
Sea Gull

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29 Jul 2017, 6:02 am

Yes, I'm quite picky. Also I'm a vegetarian, mostly vegan.


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29 Jul 2017, 9:56 pm

yeah i am picky about what i eat.

when i was younger, actually i ate a wider variety of things. then i got to college. over 18. and i choose from a cafeteria what to eat. and i bought everything i ate.

when i was young i loved jalepinos and hot sauce. now, hardly ever eat them.

the older i get the more obsessive compulsive i get too.

and i do not know how to cook. just dumplings. boil water.

trying to eat a wider variety. but the thing is, when i make bowel movements it takes 30 minutes to 2 hours each time. and it's one to three times a day.

sometimes failure.

and when i eat the slightest thing off, it's a lot more failure. this week, 4 failures. the week before that 3 failures. then before that 5. then before that 4.

frustrated, afraid, anxious, hateful, angry, annoyed

as usual

the food that i like, i can't (easily) digest.

excretory system won't accept the food that i like to eat.

IQ score not high enough to work at a job fit for ASD symptoms.

crave social interaction, but too many wierdo ASD symptoms.

yeah i am a mass of paradoxes

exhausted every day, but bored of not doing enough

too lazy to do things but feel guilty for notaccomplishing things

nowadays, do not eat a wide variety

with the exception of fruit.

kit kat, whoppers. milk chococlate malt balls

cereal/granola bars


yogurt/soy milk

hardly ever eat anything else