Obsessive interests..... this is interesting!! !

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18 Jul 2012, 2:35 pm

lostgirl1986 wrote:
Mixed Races, Asperger's Syndrome
I've never heard of that interest before...just out of mere interest, what racial combinations are you interested most in? Also, I too am interested in Asperger's Syndrome; I used to count it as one of my obsessions, although now I just attribute it to me being desperate to find out all I can about for reassurance of me having it, before my diagnostic assessment- which I have waiting around about a year or...although, I have and do spend abnormal amounts of time and talk about it to a good friend of mine.


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18 Jul 2012, 2:40 pm

These are the ones I remember:

Rubik's Cubes, Astronomy, Astrophysics, WWII Nazi propaganda, Harry Potter, ice-hockey, Neuroscience, human intelligence, Pi, world flags, psychology, mathematics and science in general.


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18 Jul 2012, 2:41 pm

rebbieh wrote:
world flags.
I love them, too! :)


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18 Jul 2012, 9:02 pm

Obsessive interests by age range:

2-5 years old
- counting by different numbers, counting and numbers in general
- my collection of stuffed monkeys- I would arrange them in a certain order in a circle and then sit in the middle of the circle
- listening to/memorizing story books- "red is best", 'mr. men", "amelia pedilia" etc.
- my imaginary world- constantly in imaginary world - interests pursued by being incorporated into imaginary world
- ages - pretending to be different ages - asking the same people repeatedly how old they were everywhere I went
- collection of raggedy-Anne dolls- I called them sally dolls and had to get a "sally" of every colour
- girls names etymology and meanings - had baby name book\
-listening to/memorizing books (I learned to read late)
- my imaginary world- all day in imaginary world
- reading popular novels- babysitters club and related series for example
- octopi and undersea creatures (just 5 or 6 months when I was 8 but really intense)
-collection of "baby Minnie" paraphernalia - baby Minnie- Minnie mouse
-imaginary world (but not as absorbed in it as much- not constant any more)
-social rules/socializing/ having friends/ wanting to be "popular"
-TV- sitcoms (mostly Seinfeld) the Simpsons, 90210- when I was 14/15 I used to watch TV seven hours a day and plan my days around TV schedules :oops:
-animals ,apes, primateology, and human evolution, "Leakey's angels"- Jane Goodall, Diane Fosse and Birutė Galdikas. - reading books by/about these ladies
-ancient (earliest) civilizations and cultural evolution of humanity
- animal rights , environmentalism
- reading novels- Charles Dickens for awhile, at another point - speculative fiction(i.e possible futures sci-fi novels), at another point novels to do with social equity issues- racial issues , sexual diversity, etc.
- environmentalism (organic farming, sustainable living etc.) and animal rights
- marijuana and "cannabis culture"- :oops: for around a year and a half- unfortunately...
- Sephardi Jewish history and culture
- psychology , specifically abnormal psychology and autism
-reading novels , mainly fantasy -
- etymology of the English language- Greek and Latin roots etc. and word games
-currently reading a historical fiction/fantasy series and am getting very interested in ancient history again-I'll see how long this lasts- not sure it'll become an obsessive interest
edit- oh yes, and my collection of stuffed animal frogs


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19 Jul 2012, 3:14 am

My obsessions are different compared to other's here. :)

Aged 30
On antidepressants
Diagnosed with AS, ADHD and anxiety disorder
Empathy score: 61 out of a possible 80. (High)