I am an "indigo child" (Try and prove me wrong!)

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29 Mar 2009, 9:27 pm

mmstick wrote:
I am an indigo to :)
Everyone else is just misinformed and would rather not study.

I have studied the claims.

Strike One: The term "Indigo Child" comes from self-proclaimed "psychic" Nancy Ann Tappe, who also claims to have classified people's personalities according to the hue of their auras. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as any sort of "psychic" ability, thus no ability to see auras, and thus no validity to Ms. Tappe's claims.

Strike Two: According to some self-proclaimed "experts," the emergence of the Indigo children was foretold by Edgar Cayce long before Tappe's aura labeling. First, they provide no specific "prediction" by Mr. Cayce to support their claim. Second, the aforementioned non-existence of "psychic" ability of any kind precludes their claim, effectively rendering it null and void. And third, Mr. Cayce himself was either a delusional fool or a deliberate fraud, as there is no such thing as "psychic" ability.

Strike Three: One claim of believers in "Indigo Children" seems to be that many children (as many as 95%) diagnosed as having attention deficit disorder (ADD) or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) represent "a new kind of evolution of humanity." Unfortunately, there is no valid evidence to back up any claim of evolutionary advancement. In fact, there is no agreement amongst all of the self-proclaimed "experts" as to what evolutionary advancement means - each opinion is inconsistent and uneven in quality of analysis and meaning with all the others.

:: There is no single, fixed definition of an "Indigo Child" that any two "experts" can agree upon, despite the 1986 book by N.A. Tappe that first used the term.

:: There is no valid evidence agreed upon by all "experts" to back up any claim that "Indigo Children" even exist. Some say that it's an indwelling of a high-order spirit, other say that it's the next evolutionary step, while still others say that it's evidence of vaccine tampering by the US government or the New World Order.

:: There is nothing to prove that the term "Indigo Children" is nothing more than a desperate attempt by a handful of delusional parents to provide a meaningless label that refutes any claim that their children have any mental difficulties, when instead they would likely be devastated to admit that their children are in any way defective.


I am willing to accept the following as evidence that "Indigo Children" may exist:

A series of validated DNA scans that show a greater deviance from genetic norms by "Indigos," than would otherwise be accounted for by ordinary global deviations in human genetic structure. And by "validated," I mean that there is a chain of forensic evidence (i.e. "Chain of Custody") from the first sample taken to the final report. At no step along the way will anyone not directly involved in the genetic testing be allowed to come into contact with the samples once those samples have been taken. No less than three separate double-blind DNA analyses shall be made on each sample. The credentials and curriculum vitae of every person in the chain of custody will be included with the final report. and lastly, at least one copy of the report shall be published in a regular medical journal - "Lancet," the "Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)," or the "New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)" would be acceptable. Any journal having to do with New Age, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, or Homeopathy is disallowed, as they hold no credibility in real medical science.

Failure to agree to this protocol, or any part thereof, will be considered de facto evidence of the fraudulent and fallacious nature of any validity to claim on the subject of "Indigo Children."

There it is. Take it or leave it. Put up or shut up.

Since there is no singular, absolute definition of human nature,
nor any ultimate evaluation of human nature beyond that which we project onto others,
individuals should be judged or defined only by their actions and choices,
and not by what we only imagine their intentions and motivations to be.


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29 Mar 2009, 11:22 pm

Kid? Who you callin' kid? I was at the library studying science the day your smelly ass was born.

Best show some respect for your elders there youngster, or I'll beat you over the head with my cane, if I can stay balanced long enough.

The assumption that no idea has validity unless it can be verified using the standard methodologies of western science is a western cultural assumption, not a universal truth.

Don't get me wrong, I love science. It's fun and you can learn all kinds of neat stuff that way that you otherwise wouldn't know, it's a lovely mythology and it's useful in a lot of ways, but all systems have limitations.

But we was talking about evidence. Hmmm, let's see... That Fnord character sure do get all belligerent anytime somebody sees things different from him.

Only explanation I can see, he must be a closet Indigo Child, all conflicted about what he knows is his true identity, so he's trying real hard to overcompensate, like some gay truck driver.

There. We got conclusive evidence.

They murdered boys in Mississippi. They shot Medgar in the back.
Did you say that wasn't proper? Did you march out on the track?
You were quiet, just like mice. And now you say that we're not nice.
Well thank you buddy for your advice...