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29 Aug 2010, 2:42 am

glider18 wrote:
Cuterebra wrote:
I have been seriously considering putting Christmas lights up all over the house so I don't have to turn on the regular lights. But then I might get stuck staring at them and never leave the house...

Wow, this brings back a childhood memory. As a child I loved to go to my bedroom and turn the lights off at Christmas time because Dad always put those big colored lights on the house. I loved to see them out my windows through the thin curtains in my room. That seemed magical.

I used to sleep under the Christmas tree until my parents took it down after New Year's. It was magical!


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29 Aug 2010, 6:59 am

Yeah i am light sensitive. I have a terrible time with the seasons. I am in the UK so our seasons are extreme, especially with regard to the light levels. Winter has me so sluggish I could hibernate easily. Then summer has me too wired and I don't sleep well at all. I hate sunglasses. The best times are September and March when we have equal day and night.

Also colour light, like traffic lights etc stand out so much and can seem a bit harsh. I also hate flashing adverts.


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29 Aug 2010, 2:57 pm

I am moderately sensitive to all light, sunlight most of all. If it is completely overcast, I can usually get by without sunglasses; partly cloudy merits sunglasses, clear sky requires sunglasses and a hat. (Fortunately, I live in the Pacific NW so overcast is the norm.)

Inside, I usually have several dimmer lights around me to lessen the impact of just one glaring source (such as the tv).

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