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20 Apr 2009, 6:05 pm

Here's my writing resume:

A story I wrote in grade 8, where these boys pull pranks at sshcool and they and a girl pull a really gross prank on another girl as revenge for getting the friend of the girl who pulls the prank killed by a milk truck

The Guildmaster
A bunch of students-- Charity and her family and friends-- are kidnapped by a group of common criminals turned mercenaries, who burned down the school and framed Charity and her brother Lars, and then kidnapped them in the chaos for ransom and for medical experiments for their dictator. After numerous escapes and recaptures, the kids are eventually taken overseas and their families and the kids who manage to escape go overseas after them in the yacht belonging to the family of the only rich kid in the group, to track them down themselves, since the cops are blocked by red tape and fear of the organization.

The Arsonists
Charity and her brother Lars are addicted to lightiing fires, to the point where they do it without even thinking about it or remembering it.

The Penthouse Gang
A family lives in the penthouse of the Sutton Place apartment building in NDG, Montreal, Quebec. Leah talks about living with her health-nut mother, running through the halls on various floors of the building with Super-Soaker squirt guns, etc.

Trapped In a Lie
Charity loses her spelling book in seventh grade, but pretends she just forgot it so that she doesn't get in toruble. But she keeps losing points on the good-behavior points sheet because of it.

The Ice Storm
A girl wakes up to find that there's aa huge ice storm outside, and she and her fmaily prepare to go to a shelter.

Another ice storm story where Charity and her siblings wake up to find the world outside covered in ice, and they just go into the kitchen and eat, glad that they don't have to go to school

Another ice storm story, this one based in Lachine, Montreal, Quebec, where Charity and her family are living in a house and their babysitter is living there too, and they wake up to find the world outside covered in ice and they deal with the cold and the power being off and get into fights and have funny moments like falling down the basement stairs and injuring themselves with a fire extinguisher

A Novel of Madness
Charity and her parents and some siblings live in an apartment building, they have various fights like over the TV and over eating

A first day of school story, where one kid in Charity's class pours paint over the strict teacher's head and then at home Cahrity and her siblings fight over a barbie doll and about where they will eat their pizza

A story about a missing girl named Jennie and her sister and her friend trying to find her while her brothers are no help because they hated Jennie

Charita, Martha, etc. are siblings who are sent to a Nazi death camp Auschwitz, then to Bergen-Belsen, where they meet Polish girls and other people

A story about a grirl named Maud and her family and other people in hiding from the Nazis in an office building in Amsterdam

A story about children on the Titanic... Clara, Charity, etc. and how they meet each other and Clara eventually rebels against her perfectionist mother and plays with the kids in steerage

A story about Stephanie and her brother Alexander, Charity's friends, during a power failure at home

A story about Charity and friends hanging around in the ghetto in NYC and seeing this rich overprotected girl named Cora and deciding to expose her to real life and fun

The Book of Triana
Triana goes to Auschwitz after barely escaping the Warsaw Ghetto. There, she and others almost end up in the starvation cell as pun9ishment for other people escaping, she and friends attack SS officers and steal their uniforms, she meets long-lost relatives, it looks at one point like they're being taken off to be gassed

Against The Law
A teenage street gang in New York City likes to terrorize people and one day they murder a gril. They hang out at Barry's Burger Barn, where open-minded Barry accepts ll types of people. They then play Russian Roulette and one of them is killed, the rest escape in fully-equipped boxcars on a freight train

A story I wrote about everyday students at Columbine who are in the cafeteria when the shooters come in and shoot it up

A school shooting story involving first-hand accounts of friends of the shooter who went to his parties, and people in the lab who get splattered with the teacher's blood when she gets shot in the head, and people all over the school finding creative ways to hide from the shooters

A school shooting story where students stand up to a school shooter after one of them says "Let's roll!" and other people run from the shooters, one of them gets his spine snapped in two by stampeding students

Dana and the Power Failure
You guessed it... it turns out to be an ice storm. Dana and her mother cope with a power failure, fighting occasionally.

Annie and Her Errie Dreams
Um... Annie has eerie dreams.

3 stories about robbers coming to Charity's house, one of them where Charity and her family escape to Cora's parents' mansion but that's the next target of the robbers. The kids fight the rob bers and get away, and eventually call the cops.

Charity and the Smear Campaign
Robert Clyde and Charity Chandler are running for school president, but Robert is doing bad things and framing Charity so that they'll pick him instead of Charity! Otherwise, Charity is way more popular even though she isn'[t rich like him.

A story about Charity and her family and friends living in the ghetto and going to school. Stephanie's overprotective controlling mother tries to prevent Stephanie from becoming a "ghetto child" like Charity, while Charity as a ghetto child isn't insecure or trying to be something she's not, and she doesn't have to dress like a ghetto child to be seen as one.

I think I wrote 2 stories where Charity's parents died and Charity goes to live with rich adoptive parents. In one of them, Charity hides her siblings, who have no home, in her closet at her adoptive parents' place.

Yet another ice storm story based in Lachine, Montreal, where Charity and her family eventually go to a shelter, Charity's sister gts hypothermia, Charity has run-ins with a spoiled brat at the shelter named Clarice, and they pull a prank involving recycling bins full of ice stacked up covering the door of a classroom in the shelter at the high school, when people are sleeping inside the classroom

A journal I wrote chronicling the rich urban life of a 17-year-old girl whose family is in the Mafia, how she interacts with the common kids, etc.

I wrote a journal once to scare some kids in seventh grade; I planned to put it somewhere in my stuff where they would find it. I wrote the diary of me and fictional relatives in the Mafia, and our daily hectic life living with eccentric family members in cramped quarters in a tiuny apartment, friends, neighbors, etc. I did this so that they would think my family was responsible for my wierdness and that I didn't make friends because my family didn't let me because they had something to hide from people and didn't want people over, and so that I would seem normal in comparison to family members I described in the journal.

A story about Charity and her friends in high school, and her siblings and their friends... things going wrong in the lab, a very strict and mean and unfair teacher, etc.

A story about a girl with cystic fibrosis named Reeva and a girl named Charity with pneumonia, in the hospital together, pulling pranks and cheering the other sick kids up

Our Uncle, The Professor
A bunch of children explore the huge house of their uncle, whom they were sent to live with after their parents died.

A story I wrote when I was 9, where kids do slapstick things to each other like lock each other in rooms or get boiling hot water dumped on them by their mother by accident

A journal I wrote in 4th grade ands passed off as my actual journal, where me and my make-believe siblings, sometimes with our make-believe relatives and friends, get into food fights, flood the house, go trick-or-treating, etc.

Edit: Oh, and I also wrote:

A story about Charity and her friends going to the Paramount Hotel in New Yoprk City

A story about Charity wanting to get even after getting too much homework

Everyone Is Dying
Charity's teacher dies in front of the classs and some of Charity's relatives die too.

They Didn't Go To The Carnival, But... (I forget the rest of the title)
Daily life at school for Charity and friends. Someone gets sick in the cafeteria, kids open the emergency door on a moving school bus and some kids fall out, etc.

The Story of Mrs. Byrnes's Fidget Bag, Bottomless Drawer, and Dining Room Table
Based on a true story about Mrs. Byrnes, my teacher, confiuscating things from students. The actual stuff confiscated and students involved are fictionalized.

A Narrow Escape
Charity gets abducted by a rapist who breaks into her house.

A story about a basketball jamboree where everyone screws up, involves Charity's friend Cora and other classmates... I wrote this one with a friend

A story where Charity is hanging around in New York City on top of a high building with her friends and almost falls off

A story where Charity and Lars are looking out of their apartmnent window at New York City

A story where Charity and friends are at Stephanie's place while Steph's parents are out at a Broadway concert, then they go to Charity's place in the ghetto and she shows them their apartment full of furniture and other stuff that they got out of the garbage.

Arianna is a bad sailor, and at sailing camp she ends up in the Lachine Rapids and then on some vicious foreiugners' back lawn on the waterfront.

A story where Charity and LArs are missing and a bloody knife is found in their deserted home

Edit: Oh, and I also wrote one about kids obsessed with dissecting dead animals and pulling pranks involving a dinner with the Board of Ed people coming over, and grandparents obsessed with building porches on the house.

And one about another girl named Cora moving to Charity's hometown.

And one about an intruder in Charity's house and Charity trying to hide.

And one about the rich girl Cora enjoying herself in her room.

And a murder mystery involving eccentric people at dinner, including Charity.

And a story about Charity and her friends preparing to go to the movies, where they then run through the theater trying to catch criminals and end up in the garbage room and then the criniinals try to rob a store.

Confusion at the Crime Center
While trying to look after her 14 or so brothers and sisters, Charity and her brother and her friends make their own crime center in Charity's room where they compare notes and try to catch criminals. Charity's friends were in a car accidnet in the midst of it all, and then they find a dead body in an apartment while trying to catch a criminal and get walked in on by another criminal who gets violent.


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28 Apr 2009, 5:14 pm

Oh, and I also wrote incomplete stories, one that starts off with Charity and her family moving to a new apartment and Charity settling in putting some of her siblings' games in the cupboard and stuff. And one that starts off with Charity making snacks for her siblings, and one that starts off with Charity and her parents making pyramids out of apples and oranges. And one where Charity is at the hospital visiting her family who got into a car crash and she meets very sick people. And one about Charity and her friends in detention at school.

I wrote a story about the characters in Beth's family in the Fabulous Five novels, just being siblings and fighting and that. I think I wrote two stories about that, actually.

A Narrow Escape-- Charity ggets kidnapped by a rapist and escapes

Running Away From Home-- Charity prepares to run away from home

And a story about a girl named Mavis whose parents and siblings abuse her as a kid. "My Murdered Mind, by Mavis."

And one about attacks by enemy tribes in Papua New Guinea on a village.

And one about Hurricae Katrina and people in the Superdome and Charity Hospital and a grocery store and elsewhere.

And one about kids going to Europe on a school trip and getting drunk and getting in lots of trouble.

In The Same Boat
4 people argue about how to sail the boat in a regatta, and while they're neglecting to sail the boat, it ends up in the Lachine Rapids.

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28 Apr 2009, 6:31 pm

have some of my stuff on here regarding stories I did

mainly working on a science-fiction epic now.

me wrote:
This is a Space Opera, where I basically use influences from the various internet cultures and internet history, social movements and the like in various parts of Earth, the present day and the past histories and the like, some various ideologies I know of and are interested, some politics, concepts of the future advances in humanity, various trends, etc. Basically a bunch of s**t I know of that I put into a story format.

I am a Star Wars Fan, Warsie here.
Masterdebating on chi-city's south side.......!

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Tufted Titmouse

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08 May 2009, 4:31 pm

I do a lot of writing. i am an audio autist not a visually oriented autist so I cant see much of anything in my head but words dance and sing there.

I have several web pages

i also write as Atomdancerrr at I have Quantum Leap, A Team, Doctor Who, K-PAX and Cupid fan fic up there. I even have a K-PAX Cupid Its a Wonderful life Crossover. how is that for mixing chracters! :))


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08 May 2009, 5:09 pm

Oh Christ. Off the top of my head...

I'd say in the region of 150-200 songs, not many of them good but some of them I'm very proud of.

One sketch, about paedophiles.

Several stories in a Brian Jacques-type fantasy mould.

A series of stories set in a near-future Rio de Janeiro based on racism and gang warfare.

Acres of poetry, God knows how many, some long, some short, some dark, some funny.


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08 May 2009, 6:05 pm

I never finished anything I wrote. I have a whole bunch of unfinished scripts, some short stories that need expanding, and some 5+ notebooks full of plot and character ideas.

I usually loose the enthusiasm somewhere halfway through the project, unfortunately.

not a bug - a feature.


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09 May 2009, 10:52 pm

I'm stuck on the first few sentences an existential sci-fi screenplay called Redesigning Eva.


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09 May 2009, 11:48 pm

One completed book, seven plays, five incomplete novels that approached or surpassed 100 pages, about forty various short stories, two dozen screenplays, four comics, and probably a lot of smaller projects I've forgotten about.

I consider it all practice. Only a handful of that was ever ready on a consumer level, and I only do revisions and edits on works I believe to be viable. That means the vast majority of my library has stilted dialogue or a confusing story because I lost interest in it after I 'completed' it. No big deal, it helps me move on to the next big thing.


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17 May 2009, 1:39 pm

hoo boy...about 300 songs in 11 years (Sturgeon was right...90% of them are crap...;)

about 5 or so stories in a college creative writing class...all sci-fi.

some stuff on the web, but you'd have to be 18 or older to read it...;)

Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

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17 May 2009, 4:37 pm

Well, currently, I'm writing a children's story book called Outcast Town.

I'm only 16, so I don't know if it'll be published with me at such a young age. I'm also working on drawing, as well as thinking of ideas. So far, I've got these.

Outcast Town- a bizarre town, inhabitated by colorful misanthropes who did not fit into society, with whoever enters it, and stays there for 24 hours, will be converted into an walking interpretation of the emotion they were feeling when they entered.

Trial of Champions - (this could be a video game idea) Various sports players from all over the world all share the same dream: To become the ultimate player of their passionate sport. A mystical being sees this, and teleports them to his lair. He tells them he will give them this dream, but he will only give it to the strongest of them all. Therefore, all the sports players all face off in a one-on-one tournament, where they are given unique powers, (such as fire, ice, lightning, wind, strength), and also using the knowledge of their sport to turn it into a deadly fighting style.

Players could chose from a Soccer player, an ice- hockey player, a basketball player, a baseball player, a football player, a lacrosse player, a volleyball player (a female), a race-car driver, and a female baskteball player, and so on...

Ragdoll - (this could be either a game idea or a movie idea) an 8-year-old prodigy is a lonely boy who wishes for a friend, since he cannot make one on his own. So, using his advanced intelligence, builds a robotic ragdoll type toy. He digs up the corpse of a child, and takes it's brain. He puts it into the ragdoll, and generates it to life, giving the ragdoll human-like abilities and emotions. However, one day, something horrible happens. Demons from hell come to turn Earth into a living hell. And the robotic ragdoll sees it's beloved family slaugtered and pulled down to hell by winged demons. Wanting revenge, it discovers the boy put weapons inside his body, two large, thin blades that extend from the top of it's wrists. It uses these weapons, along dropped firearms from soldiers, to both avenge it's family, and restore the planet earth to it's original state.

Please don't take these ideas. :x


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18 May 2009, 5:57 am

*checks folder*

I've written 543 different word documents, including poems, playscripts, indevidula scene, plotlines, backstories, synopses, story notes, commentaries, character sheets, cast lists, excerpts, monologues, essays, suplimentals, several unfinished works, and my current Magnum Opus, which is currently running at 129,000 words.

All stuff that forms my 8 years of writing experience.

18 May 2009, 4:26 pm

Here are some list of stories here I have written:

I have written others but they were never posted online or on fanfiction. I have had my diaper ones posted elsewhere but the forum went offline when the xsorbit site went down. I now have to create another new forum for my diaper stories. I have some I will never post online because too embarrassing.

Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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21 May 2009, 9:59 pm

I have a few manuscripts lying around that I really need to start sending out to publishers. One of the manuscripts is a collection of short stories, two are picture books, and one is a guide to subway stations around Toronto. The latter is probably the most Aspie thing I've ever done. It's at least in the top five. One of the picture books is going to be sent out to a publisher in the next week, I hope.
On top of that, I have created well over a thousand pages of comics in the last five years. I'm assessing its publishability, which I don't think is high (too dark, too complicated, bizarrely structured). I'll probably start uploading it to a website at some point this summer.


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23 Jun 2009, 11:15 am

I'm stunned by such output ! !!

I'm presently jotting down notes and ideas for 4 stories...

I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow. I feel my fate in what I cannot fear. I learn by going where I have to go. ~Theodore Roethke


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26 Jun 2009, 12:10 am

Ive started many story's but never finished them. I am currently work on 1 now which i intend to finish and think I will because i have a well written plot.

Ive written some songs and 1 of them is on my you tube page.

I do it mostly for fun, so not much on the story side but I think the songs are pretty good.