Doctor has me totally confused/ticked off. Wrong Doctor?

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29 Apr 2009, 1:40 pm

Yes, the psychologists are biased. Even as a child, they tried to say I was hearing voices and stuff because my parents did, it wasn't true. Even now, I told them that I sometimes overhear people making comments about me, they tried to say I was hearing voices! If they were voices, wouldn't I hear them when nobody's around? I am diagnosed schzoaffective, but truthfully since I only had delusions (maybe a couple of hallucinations) when I had a manic episode, it should be just bipolar IMO.

And at first, they thought I was bipolar because I have a high IQ, which isn't really proven.

Also I took a personality quiz, I don't know exactly which one it was, like 500 questions, and they claimed I was paranoid, but correctly guessed I sometimes had the delusion people could read my mind, creepy.

And I wished I would have brought up a ASD with the psychologist, but I didn't want to bias him.

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