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17 May 2009, 12:07 am

Hello everyone,

So I have a brother with Autism. He's 17 and I'm 19 and currently living away from home, studying art and design (and a bit of psychology) at university.

For one of my graphic design briefs I get to create an illustrative piece, based on a poem about pretty much anything I want. I choose my brother (as I'm missing him a bit :( )and Autism as my topic. So I managed to extrapolate some ideas out of the poem and wanted to depict some of the difficulties people with Autism/Aspergers have such as: (quoting from an interview with Tony Attwood)

"Difficulty in intuitively working out what other people are thinking and feeling"

and also something about Sensory overload or over stimulation of the senses.

While I'd like to ask my brother about these things he's unable to articulate his thoughts on such matters (although he's starting too and it's sooo interesting, he's beginning to tell us his dreams!)

I then discovered this site and have been reading some of the threads and looking at some of the art work. What I came here to ask is if anyone has any visual material or ideas (or sites or other sources) which could help me be able to visualize these ideas!?