The New Wrong Planet

Welcome to the new and improved!

After ten years, we have upgraded the site’s technology and created new features. Here’s a little of what’s new, and what’s coming soon.

First, the forums have been upgraded to a new technology. The forum names have not changed. You should be able to do almost everything in the new forum layout as you did in the old version. It is no small task to move ten years of posts and functionality. Please let us know if you see something missing or a feature you want added.

Second, Wrong Planet has a new home page and navigation bar. We are putting the finishing touches on new features to enable you to post and share longer articles or videos. New content will be arranged into topics that you have told us matter most — relationships, jobs, college, and parenting.

Right now, these new sections are populated only with articles that have been written in the past. But these sections will be opened up to the community for your submissions in January 2015. Please note, even after these sections “go live” all articles and videos will be reviewed by moderators before they are published to everyone.

Despite having lived with older technology the past couple of years, WrongPlanet’s community has continued to grow quickly. More than 600,000 people visit each month, double the number that visited just a couple of years ago. Our new technology is mobile-friendly, so you should have an easier time viewing and participating in the forums.

So thank you very much for visiting WrongPlanet and for participating in our community.

About Wrong Planet

Wrong Planet is the web community designed for individuals (and parents / professionals of those) with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, PDDs, and other neurological differences. We provide a discussion forum, where members communicate with each other, an article section, with exclusive articles and how-to guides, a blogging feature, and more.  Read More >