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17 Aug 2017, 7:33 pm

Lol, that was a topic title to catch the eyes of anyone who knows Japanese enuf to say, "What? She's saying she looks like a duck?"

I've studied Japanese a long time, but it's been self-study...Not much chance to bounce what I've learned off of someone who may know more. Plus, books can only represent how a language is ACTUALLY spoken so much, you know?

So I'm looking to chat with other Nihongo learners, or heck...native speakers if there is any ^^ Most help would be with particles, esp. ones with multiple meanings like "ni".
I study and study em, but still unsure. Like what i wrote, for example...would there be a "wo" after ahiru, or would it be ommited? Or should it even be there at all, lol \xD?

Be great to bounce these questions off of, and practice WITH, someone with more knowledge :) "Fine-tune" my fundamentals, ya kno ;D?

Yeeaah, I kno...should go to a forum more dedicated to such things as languages, buuut...I'm so VERY aspi, thought I'd try here first :)


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Yesterday, 9:09 am

I did study for a little while using rosetta stone and even finished the program. I haven't used it since moving though and I'm out of practice big time xD The wo could be omitted if you wanted to be more casual about it but that's more a thing in spoken Japanese as opposed to written Japanese. Do you use ameblo or pigg? That helps quite a bit, I've been studying on and off for 9 years and did rosetta stone for about a year and finished a couple months back.


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Yesterday, 9:48 am

Watashi studied nihongo for a while, took a class and bought some courses. I can still remember some of it.

I'm interested in Japan, started with cute girls when i was 20 something, but eventually it grew with food, culture, ninjutsu and sengoku-jidai history. Met up with a girl from western Japan, but we never clicked. I did show her some parts of Sweden and i tried my best to speak with her, but most of the time we spoke English.

And yes, my nickname is an obvious Nihon reference, meaning individual or serving a term in government, which i also did recently. (It is also an anime or manga reference, but i don't like anything of that except Ghost in the shell).

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