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12 Aug 2017, 9:28 pm

So, I don't know if any of you know about Trevor Bauer, but he plays for the Cleveland Indians in MLB. I was wondering if he's autistic. Like all baseball players, he has a pre-game routine, but it's different than most. He uses a pole to work his arms and does long toss like he's an outfielder (he's a pitcher). He's been doing those for years I think. But he was a mechanical engineering major in college and knows everything about pitching mechanics. In the article below, one of his teammates, Brett Myers said, "He's got a lot of stuff in that head of his. I sat down with him to talk about his mechanics, and he was talking about physics, chemical reactors and biochemistry crap, and body creating a force. I'm like, 'What the hell?' I couldn't even pronounce the words he's saying. I don't know who gives him all of the ideas, but he's a whole lot smarter than me or you. I don't know if I could think that much." And when he heard someone ask him if he was overthinking things on the mound, he responded being like, "What does that even mean? If you said my prefrontal cortex was activated, I could see what you mean but how do you overthink something?" Those weren't his exact words, but very close including the prefrontal cortex. The Diamondbacks didn't want him on the team anymore because of his odd personality. When I heard the announcers talking about him and did some research on him, I thought, "This sounds like me!" Especially the part where they mentioned he didn't have any friends so he had to practice baseball by himself.

This article with the quote from his teammate has a lot of the information: ... r/1966219/

The overthinking comment by him can be found here: ... ng-indians

So what do you think? Could he be on the spectrum?


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13 Aug 2017, 3:41 am

Last night I heard that some people think I'm "autistic and a bit off"...#RumorMillUpdate Props on creativity for whoever started that one.

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Sep 24, 2014
@bcioff agreed. At least pick some other way of insulting me that doesn't insult many other people at the same time

How can Autism be trendy and a popular insult at the same time?

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13 Aug 2017, 9:10 am

Stupid people if they say things like that! Personally, I think it's refreshing to see someone who can actually talk intelligently.