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Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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19 May 2017, 11:21 pm

pretty much... i'm not dating anyone and the only friends that i have are always busy and it's depressing me. does anybody know websites or anything that can help me on this?

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20 May 2017, 12:45 am

the feeling that your friends rarely have time for you, it's never a good one. i get it often, even while understanding that they don't do it to be rude ad are legitimately tied down.

i hope the quality of your interactions with them is good, whenever you do get the chance to have them.

do you have any hobbies that you very much enjoy? i'm not so sure about "websites", but at the moment that i get the feeling, i immediately jump nosefirst into my hobbies. surrounding myself in them.

yeah, it's mere distraction and it doesn't really solve the core problem, but if you wish to bring up that issue with your friends, be aware that you may be making yourself vulnerable...*i'd* certainly feel like it was risky.