Do you come across differently than you think you do?

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10 Feb 2016, 12:31 am

People have an inconsistent perception about me. And so does when I see or hear myself.

When I thought I'm being an annoying child, they thought I'm an almighty iron lady. :lol: They end up seeing a steady pacing or that confident walk, hearing that monotonous voice that one thought that I'm all serious business. I'M NOT.

But sometimes when I thought I'm being an annoying child, I do sound and a look like one. Pitchy tone, skipping, odd speech and gait, sometimes that annoyed moody voice.

.. I don't know why...

**My** own Points.

-Anger drives me, not fear or anxiety.
-Either I'm active but odd like any child or the usual aloof of an adult.
-No references. But that does not mean I'm ignorant: just apathetic enough not to have an opinion!
-My current culture is practically THE Global Expert to the subject of 'Passing'. Not that I'm proud of it... So I knew what IS the difference between coping and adaptation, between acting and integrating, between cultures a double life-like and cultures becoming a part of yourself.
-It matters naught: You are human. If not, then you are mortal.
-I have yet to translate my knowledge to Verbal Terms.
-I'm so bored, I'll just go random and rant nonsense that may or may not make any sense.