Do you come across differently than you think you do?

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10 Feb 2016, 12:31 am

People have an inconsistent perception about me. And so does when I see or hear myself.

When I thought I'm being an annoying child, they thought I'm an almighty iron lady. :lol: They end up seeing a steady pacing or that confident walk, hearing that monotonous voice that one thought that I'm all serious business. I'M NOT.

But sometimes when I thought I'm being an annoying child, I do sound and a look like one. Pitchy tone, skipping, odd speech and gait, sometimes that annoyed moody voice.

.. I don't know why...


Autism alone, makes everything seem like a gamble.
To any human constantly perceives gamble, would mean prone to anxiety towards uncertainty. But being prone to the exposures of uncertainty doesn't mean always become nor would always stay anxious. Therefore, autism is NOT anxiety.
Autism AND anxiety, makes said constant constant uncertainty perceived into a high stake gamble.

And that, is the difference.

If there is no split between that; it would only mean ALL humans have anxiety. Only hidden and sheltered by certainty, apathy, or pleasure -- to be renamed it as simple as 'culture shock' or as fundamental as 'fear of unknown'.