Newbie, want to know a little more about myself and others

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14 Nov 2017, 7:54 am

Hey everyone, I'm 18 years old, and I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome about a year ago and at first I was very angry because I was under a false impression of what autism and Asperger's is. I was hoping some people here can help educate me a little bit more!

My symptoms annoy and confuse me. I'm very socially anxious (also acting a bit spaced out in public apparently), and always think people are staring at me and talking about me when I'm out in public, which is why I have basically no close friends (but a loving girlfriend ironically). I have difficulty stringing my words together and speaking my thoughts and I get extremely angry as I've been told many times (even by my former psych) that I'm not making sense and my "reality is not on planet earth", and lack emotion. I also used to think I heard voices that turned out to just be noises around me, same with seeing shadows and thinking they were people (pretty much which solidified the Asperger's diagnosis from my previous psychologist).

I think I'm a spiritual person, I have the "sixth sense" and I'm really good at predicting the future. I think others are the same but are too scared and fearful of what other people would say. There's definitely more to this world than what people are lead to believe. I used to think I was extremely good at telling other people's emotions, but I was unfortunately told that I was anything but lol.

Sorry to give you my life story, but I don't really get to speak to anyone now a days and I haven't spoken to a psychologist in a while, even though I plan on doing it. Hoping I can read others experiences and do some cyber bonding.


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14 Nov 2017, 1:48 pm

Welcome to Wrong Planet! :D

Silly NTs, I have Aspergers, and having Aspergers is gr-r-reat!


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16 Nov 2017, 8:59 am

Hello :D
Welcome to Wrong Planet. Some of that was familiar, like being told I don't have feelings :( funny because it really hurts when people say that, and some like a sixth sense not at all. It takes all my efforts to keep track of the first five :) but then as they say 'If you've met one Aspie, you've met one Aspie' because we're all different.

During my assessment I was told somethings about myself, and how I come across, that were a shock. It has taken some time for me to asses those things, and to realise that yes ok I don't come across as I thought, but also that the assessment is looking for these things, therefor they are not as obvious to everyone else.

I don't think your going through this at the best time, I mean 18 is hard enough anyway, I was a lot older.

UK There is a parliament petition 207658 online 'Introduce mandatory training in Autism for all NHS mental health services' Please take a look.