A self-serving word/letter/name game?

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17 Dec 2007, 5:12 pm

My household has four people with four different last names. For Xmas I got a present for all of us, and I'm trying to find a way to label the gift. I want it to be "To the XXX household," but I don't really have something cohesive to put in the XXX part. I want to find a hilarious combo of all our last names, and I know at least two of the other people will get a kick out of it since we play a lot of word/spelling games.

Our last names are:

Sully (pronounced like sullen, except ending in ey)
Joaquin (think the actor, pronounced wah-keen)
Haight (pronounced "hate")

I've broken each name into all the different parts they can be broken up into, and then rearranged them in a bunch of different ways. The only ones that are at all easy to say are:




Anybody want to help me out with this? I'm not too anal about retaining pronunciations as long as noticeable portions of names are still there.