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 Forum: LGBT Discussion   Topic: New, gay, middle-aged and recently diagnosed

Posted: 15 Apr 2014, 12:50 am 

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I think I get that, the whole eye contact thing Blabby. I think maybe I learned how to do eye contact, but I'm not very good at it since I'm really just faking it. I did a presentation once and in the peer review one woman said I made "too much eye contact with her" like there was no one else in the...

 Forum: Health, Fitness, and Sports   Topic: Bikes That Fit!

Posted: 02 Jun 2011, 11:05 pm 

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In that case the shorter crank may help. Supposedly shorter cranks are easier on the knees. I have a 165mm on my old commuter bike, but 170mm on the others, I can't tell the difference, but that's only about a 1/10th in difference. Moving from 170 to 155 would be more noticeable. 170 seems to be the...

 Forum: Health, Fitness, and Sports   Topic: Bikes That Fit!

Posted: 02 Jun 2011, 12:52 am 

Replies: 10
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If stand over height is your main concern I would look at some of the step through frame bikes, Giant roam w so called girls bikes. I don't think the Raleigh with a 24in rear wheel and 155 crank will be a good ride. Changing wheel size can be difficult due to brake mounts, and changing the rear whee...

 Forum: Health, Fitness, and Sports   Topic: Migraine headaches?

Posted: 02 Jun 2011, 12:14 am 

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Not a doctor. But I do get migraines. The light noise, sensitivity, nausea can be from a migraine. The way you describe going to sleep to get rid of it fits me to a tee. I was given my sisters meds (can't remember what) for them as a teenager, but I quit taking them when I went in the military. My s...

 Forum: Social Skills and Making Friends   Topic: Do I go or not?

Posted: 22 May 2011, 12:29 am 

Replies: 7
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I end up going to a few of these from time to time. I have even hung out in a parking lot while guys drank beer after a group mountain bike ride. I don't drink. I have learned to show up about 15 minutes late, have an exit plan. (Had a long day, need to go to the gym before work, etc...) rarely use ...

 Forum: Social Skills and Making Friends   Topic: Capable of throwing a party?

Posted: 22 May 2011, 12:17 am 

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I have only thrown a few parties, most were awful. Very uncomfortable. One was great, but that was because one person i invited invited everyone he knew, and they were all party people. At all the rest a few people just sat around and made small talk and asked what was in the dip.

 Forum: Health, Fitness, and Sports   Topic: Yay finished my first half marathon

Posted: 18 May 2011, 11:02 pm 

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Congratulations! That's quite an accomplishment, I'm not a runner, but a cyclist, but I am thinking I may like to start doing some 5k runs. So far all I've done is bought a new pair of running shoes. I suppose I need to put them on and hit the road. I've been riding so much I haven't been motivated ...

 Forum: Health, Fitness, and Sports   Topic: is anyone into bikes?

Posted: 15 May 2011, 1:33 am 

Replies: 85
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Bicycling is my main interest. I commute 10 miles a day to work and home, plus shopping and errands. I also have gone on multiday solo bike camping trips, and have ridden half a dozen centuries (100mile rides) I cyclocross raced last year (love it) and and am doing a local race series with criterium...

 Forum: In-Depth Adult Life Discussion   Topic: Masturbation?

Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 12:18 am 

Replies: 8
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I like it. Sometimes it's absolutely electrifying, while other times it's mediocre. It's good for keeping my sexuality under control, because if I don't masturbate every once in awhile, then I start doing it in my sleep. Yeah I get that too, and I don't sleep alone. We have different levels of sex ...

 Forum: In-Depth Adult Life Discussion   Topic: Do you worry that you might be a thread killer?

Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 12:14 am 

Replies: 2,308
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I have killed whole columns of treads before. Once did in the most active list in a forum with no survivors. TMI, inappropriate, off topic, not sure how, but i manage sometimes. I have no fear of killing this one, it's too strong even for me.

 Forum: In-Depth Adult Life Discussion   Topic: Time management and punctuality issues.

Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 12:10 am 

Replies: 30
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I am a procrastinator, and I do have some time management problems. I also get extremely anxious if I am running late. I don't have any sense of time, 4hrs may seem like 10 min or vice versa. I do tend to get to places way to early, then wonder if I'm at the right place, or is it the right day. That...

 Forum: Health, Fitness, and Sports   Topic: Alcoholism, AA Fourth Step

Posted: 02 Mar 2011, 5:43 pm 

Replies: 2
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First of all congratulations on nine months. I like the form on this website , this is what may sponsor had me do, but we just drew it on paper with a ruler. I liked being able to just check off the different things, it made it easier for me to figure out. My sponsor did have me read all ...

 Forum: Health, Fitness, and Sports   Topic: Does anyone here hate lifting wieghts.

Posted: 16 Dec 2010, 12:02 am 

Replies: 22
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I don't like lifting weights, and I will never be beefy. But I did put on some upper body mass last year when I was lifting regularly. Of course at 42 I also have to battle the middle age love handles and pot belly, even though I am a little skinny guy. What weight lifting did do was really jump sta...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Fear of Cycling

Posted: 15 Dec 2010, 11:51 pm 

Replies: 33
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Disappointed there wasn't an answer stronger than Love it. Bicycling and bicycles are my current interest of two years, and in the past, (BMX back in the early 1980s) I typically ride 100-150 miles a week. Aside from getting in shape, it helps me be more emotionally balanced and focused. Riding with...

 Forum: Politics, Philosophy, and Religion   Topic: Going back to chruch. What denominations are NOT agianst...

Posted: 14 Dec 2010, 7:28 pm 

Replies: 76
Views: 5,884

I'm gonna suggest one of the "mellower" denominations like Methodist or Presbyterian or Episcopal. They tend to be pretty open and accepting, but like other people have said it tends to be a church by church thing. They also don't try to pray your demons out. I do have a cousin with an autistic son ...

 Forum: Parents' Discussion   Topic: People should be careful what they say...

Posted: 14 Dec 2010, 3:53 pm 

Replies: 18
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Good for you! People like you can and do make a difference, but it's surprising how many people will just listen to peoples crap without standing up for what is right and setting them straight. Thank you.
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