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 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Fifteen!

Posted: 10 Dec 2011, 7:58 am 

Replies: 23
Views: 1,964

Happy birthday wooooooooooo :D

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Post something that made you happy today.

Posted: 07 Dec 2011, 5:01 am 

Replies: 26,354
Views: 974,666

Tow surfing!! !

That was fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

 Forum: Adult Autism Issues   Topic: Do you have pubic hair????

Posted: 04 Dec 2011, 7:23 am 

Replies: 67
Views: 1,527

I like to keep it neat and tidy... unless im in a constant stream of business and laziness... like now...

If any guys are curious... dont wax... i havent tried it myself... as ive had 2 friend volunteer to try for us all... It was kinda ment to be a joke... I still thought it was funny :D

 Forum: The Haven   Topic: scale of -10 to +10, how do you feel right now?

Posted: 04 Dec 2011, 3:45 am 

Replies: 33,396
Views: 1,616,809

-8 Went for a very long surf as soon as i woke up... same as pretty much every other day... wasnt as good as it usually would be... came home after i went for a drive just to kill time... came home and now im dying of sudden and extreme tiredness... Randomly just so rediculesly tired... Mother is pe...

 Forum: Adult Autism Issues   Topic: Munchies

Posted: 01 Dec 2011, 3:30 am 

Replies: 19
Views: 297

I dont think ive ever not had the munchies... :o

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Post a pic of yourself RIGHT NOW!

Posted: 30 Nov 2011, 7:37 am 

Replies: 8,673
Views: 766,534

Friend took a close up of my eyes... after i faceplanted the ground hence the dirt...


Also when i had long hair... which im starting to miss. :cry:

 Forum: Games and Video Games   Topic: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Posted: 30 Nov 2011, 5:03 am 

Replies: 206
Views: 20,448

Smithing is now maxed out... full set of dragonscale armour improved to legendary... only exception being the helmet and shield... being dragon plate rather then dragon scale... i like the plate shield and helmet to much to be concerned about the extra weight... One handed now about 60ish... cant re...

 Forum: Health, Fitness, and Sports   Topic: Are there any Aspie surfers out there???

Posted: 30 Nov 2011, 4:58 am 

Replies: 135
Views: 14,531

Lucky man... hopefully its pumping when you get there... Its been pumping around here lately... constant stream of swell its weird its comming to that time where it should be sloppy little wind waves every day... but its just been good for a few weeks now... im starting to almost fall asleep in the ...

 Forum: Politics, Philosophy, and Religion   Topic: Extending the human lifespan

Posted: 27 Nov 2011, 8:24 pm 

Replies: 63
Views: 3,771

Even if we could live for 1000 years... i would think only a miniscule minority would even make it past 250-300ish... Really pushing your luck to live 1000 years and not have been hit by a car or develop some kind of cancer or be a victim of serial killer or accidently electocute yourself or get bom...

 Forum: Adult Autism Issues   Topic: Munchies

Posted: 27 Nov 2011, 8:05 pm 

Replies: 19
Views: 297

Macdonolds is easy...

Or pizza... but i just ate pizza...

If i cant be bothered to drive... then ill drink like a gallon of milk and maybe do a home made pizza... yeeeeeeeees :D

 Forum: Games and Video Games   Topic: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Posted: 27 Nov 2011, 7:51 pm 

Replies: 206
Views: 20,448

My characters a level 18 Nord... One handed is on about 52... archery and blocking both about 40ish... light armor and smithing are somewhere close behind... Still have Lydia as my follower... shes got a set of elven armor... as do i... but im wearing one of those dragon mage masks... Thinking ill j...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: How many people are seriously afraid of firearms?

Posted: 25 Nov 2011, 8:41 am 

Replies: 211
Views: 13,034

Im quite thankfull that guns are illegal in Australia...

Personally i think that "the right to take up arms" doesnt at all justify why they should legal to own domestically...

 Forum: Adolescent Autism Forum   Topic: Any Other Animal Lovers??

Posted: 24 Nov 2011, 8:55 am 

Replies: 35
Views: 6,502

I like to chill out with cats... run a muck with dogs... and swim with dolphins... Yes i do like being in company with animals... Ive always wondered if dolphins can remember and recognise humans... After years of surfing at the beach i live at ive noticed the dolphins are alot more social... They u...

 Forum: Love and Dating   Topic: So does she like me?

Posted: 24 Nov 2011, 8:18 am 

Replies: 9
Views: 2,063

"I really got to go", turn around and act as if you're leaving, and then a few moments later turn back around and say "One thing before I go though" and kiss her. Try this out and see how it goes! Wooooooooooooooow definetly try this... and tell us how it goes :D Otherwise it sounds like she really...

 Forum: Off the Wall: Forum Games, Quizzes, Roleplaying, etc.   Topic: What colour is your mind?

Posted: 23 Nov 2011, 8:24 am 

Replies: 20
Views: 1,958


Definetly fits me 8)

 Forum: Off the Wall: Forum Games, Quizzes, Roleplaying, etc.   Topic: What Field of Science Are You?

Posted: 23 Nov 2011, 8:22 am 

Replies: 48
Views: 3,926


...needs more questions
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