Adult Autism Issues is a family friendly site, but there are sometimes Autism and Asperger's issues that go beyond the scope of family appropriate topics. This forum has hidden content and can only be viewed by members over 17. To participate, make sure you've entered a birthday in your profile.

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Women's Discussion

This is a place where women can feel safe to be themselves. "Having a male gynecologist is like going to an auto mechanic who doesn't own a car."

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In-Depth Adult Life Discussion

In-depth intelligent discussion for the older adults who have been living independently. It's recommended that you are age 30 and up and have the experience of living independently or in long-term partnerships. Adults younger than 30 can participate but we ask that you respect the maturity level of this forum.

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Adolescent Autism Forum

The place for teens and young adults to discuss anything and long as it doesn't belong in the Mature Forum :)

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Kids' Crater

A place just for you kids!

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LGBT Discussion

Are you a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender autistic? Discuss issues related to autism and being LGBTQ in this forum.

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