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09 Dec 2011, 3:38 pm

I just noticed something about a movie that was playing on my TV, and it got me thinking that lots of movies aimed at kids are the same way. (For the record I know there are lots of movies that are not like this at all, just trying for conversation.)
Basic plot of the movie: Group of kids A are super cool and popular and keeping some similar but slightly less cool kids (Group B) from doing something they want to do. Group B gets all mad and decides to rebel, picking up a ton of "strays" on the way (Group C). B and C band together and defeat the bullies and all is well. Except...where does that leave all the aforementioned strays who didn't really care about the initial problem anyway? Often they were manipulated into joining the cause, some way or another. I just wonder what this is supposed to be teaching. Bullies are bad, of course. But isn't group B just as guilty of bullying, or at least manipulation?
I've wondered this from time to time. Does anyone else have something like that about popular TV/movies that just totally escapes them?