Trailer for J Lo's new talent Show Q'Viva has been released!

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23 Dec 2011, 6:16 pm

A trailer for Jennifer Lopez's new Latin talent show, Q'Viva has been released. In this show she teams up with her former husband, Marc Anthony, S Club 7 creator Simon Fuller and Music Choreotographer Jamie King to go all around Latin America to search for talents including dancers, singers, acrobats and musicians and bring them all to LA for make a amazing Latin American live show. It will air on Univision on Saturday 28th January. I hope It will air in England. One reason why I am really looking forward for this show is because I am really interested in Latin American culture, Q'Viva will focus on the traditional aspects of Latin American Culture. The other reasons why I am looking forward for this show is because it features Two of my favorite Singers, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony and is also features Simon Fuller, my Idol who made one of my favorite pop bands "S Club 7". Here is the new trailer for Q'Viva The Chosen.


Here is another Promo for Q'Viva with Marc Anthony


What do you think? Are you all looking forward to this talent show like I am?