My O.C. Loud House Character with Autism

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24 Nov 2019, 12:46 am

If this is in the wrong part of the forum, please kindly relocate this and inform me in a PM. Thank you.

I would like to introduce my O.C. Loud House character:
Image ... -718669235

His name is Cody Carpenter, well his full name is Cody Heathcliff Curtis-Carpenter ("Curtis" is his mother's maiden name.) He's my autistic Loud House character and a character I'd like to be put on The Loud House (or some other character with autism even if it's not Cody.) Likely he's not going to be included in the show but I'd like to show him anyway, maybe you'll like him.

Image ... -718660685

That's Cody without glasses

Image ... -780080286

Cody with his father Heathcliff "Fletcher" Carpenter and his mother Courtney Pamela Carpenter. They're divorced unfortunately and Cody lives with his mother. Cody's upset his parents are not together anymore and wants them back together.

Now Cody with actual Loud House characters!

Image ... -718866827

Cody along with Clincoln McCloud! Lincoln and Clyde are Cody's best friends.

Image ... -757985417

A picture I have of Cody with Lincoln, Clyde, Liam, Zach, and Rusty. This is another one

Image ... -770596114

Image ... -782840033

A fan-made drawing of my O.C. Cody! :mrgreen: :D 8)

Image ... -780074356

Cody as a teenager to young adult.


Cody as an adult late 20s-40s

Image ... -783075421

My standing/rotating model-sheet for Cody, although it's going to need some revisions. I also need to do different emotion faces of Cody.

That's all I'll show for now, may share some more later.

And if you want you may draw Cody and post pictures of him but please let me know, show me your picture, leave me a link, and please give me credit for it. Please also keep to picture SFW! Thank you.

For more on him ... _Carpenter
Cody's Bio: ... -779633278
My Deviant Art Gallery of Cody ... F&offset=0

Thanks for looking.