Netflix removes Nayanthara film after backlash from Hindus

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Annapoorani: Netflix removes Nayanthara film after backlash from Hindu groups

An Indian film that received backlash for "hurting Hindu religious sentiments" has been removed from Netflix, days after it began streaming.

Netflix said the Tamil-language film - Annapoorani: The Goddess of Food - was removed at its "licensor's request".

The movie stars actor Nayanthara as a Hindu Brahmin woman who aspires to become a chef.

She is shown going against her family's religious beliefs and eating meat and learning to cook it.

Many Brahmins do not eat meat, in accordance with rigid caste rules.

Members of hard-line Hindu organisations had objected to this and other scenes in the movie, including one where the actress is shown offering namaz, or Muslim prayers, before cooking biriyani.

Some Hindus also took offence at a scene where a Muslim character says that Hindu god Ram ate meat.

The film's producers have not officially commented on the issue yet.

A police case has also been filed in Madhya Pradesh state against Nayanthara and two others associated with the film...

Now, of course, I feel compelled to watch it.

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