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08 Feb 2006, 8:38 pm

Sorry for the 1337-speak... ahem...

Hello fellow schmoes, I suppose you wanna know more about me. It'll cost ya...

As long as I can remember as a child, I was diagnosed with autsim, specifically Aspergers Syndrome. School and classmates specifically, have been harsh. Of course, like any other asperger schmoe, "weird".

My case used to be somewhat extreme, I spaz out and wave my hands around or bite my finger. But I have controlled those habits to when I am alone. I guess I have achieved normalcy somewhat. But, still, I have aspergers related traits, especially social wise. Darnit, I hate how when I say something, it always comes out differently in my mouth (in a social situation).

I have had HUGE obsessions with weird things. I used to collect hotel directories and road maps. I also have other weird interests. But, if you want my normal interests, I am obsessed with coasters and theme parks, ALOT. Also, I like listening to Ska/Punk and Alternative Rock alot and watching Comedy Central as well. And also, I spend too much time on the net.

So... enjoy! And of course, post your generic "Welcome!" comments.

Cybernetic Vampiric Werewolf Ninja
Cybernetic Vampiric Werewolf Ninja

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08 Feb 2006, 9:57 pm

*SnoCone's Generic Welcome Comment #183276*
Welcome to Wrongplanet!! !

Join the ASAN social groups in NYC & NJ!


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08 Feb 2006, 11:06 pm

Hey I'm also in a boring part of Florida. Whereabouts are you?