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01 Jan 2012, 3:44 pm

Sorry, i don't really know which topic to post this under. Nor did i take the time to find out.

Is it possible to have vcfs without any heart problems?
Im 17, male, and undiagnosed.

I have a few of the facial features but i'm not sure if i'm diagnosable because my heart, at least to my knowledge, is healthy. I've seen pictures of others with the syndrome and a few of them look a lot like me. A long middle head, small eyes, small head in proportion to my body, and slightly down-turned lips. A few family members on my dad's side actually have heart troubles, but im not sure if that says anything.
My voice resembles that of some aspies, but much harder to understand.
My iq is average (my written 106 and verbal 117) but i was last tested 7 years ago, so it may have gone down over time.

I've been diagnosed with asperger's and add/adhd, but nobody has ever said anything to me about vcfs. I had never even heard of it until i stumbled upon a support website (while researching fas/fae, which i thought i had) Could i have gone undiagnosed for 17 years or am i only insecure about my physical appearance?

Please send me any thoughts or information you can.


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01 Jan 2012, 4:54 pm

Is there a full name for VCFS?