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Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

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24 Apr 2022, 11:39 pm

What is your first name? Malcolm

Age: 10 years emotionally trapped in a 68 year old body

Location: Porirua, New Zedaland

Hobbies and Interests: electronics, music, philosophy, the universe and how everything in it

Why are you here? I've found my place in the universe (at last!) To connect with others like me
and read their stories (which are pretty much like mine). I've no doubt I've finally landed on
the "Right Planet" and have been living on the Wrong one my entire life. I always knew something
was wrong with me. I was a social outcast and complete failure at forming meaningful
relationships. I was singled out, teased and taunted at two different high schools. My life was
made utter hell and I dreaded having to go each day. I learnt to retreat from a horrible world
at an early age. I felt like a cork bobbing helplessly on a boundless ocean at the mercy of the
waves. I was unable to understand or fight back. Mixed-flatting never worked for me; I was
always asked to leav after a few months. And parties were a nightmare.

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder): not formally but recently
discovered what has been wrong with me my whole life (test results = 44/50 and 154/200).

Year/Grade: university dropout - I hated it and was too immature at the time to get my head
around the formalism. I joined MENSA for a while but left it - I found them to be boring and had
to pay annual fees. I am self-taught in most things (playing instruments, electronics etc.)

Favorite music: Guitar principally, but most genres of rock and some country and classical
except rap/hip-hop (which to me is basically poetry). I love the intricacies of Dream Theatre's
music. Hearing electric guitars sends me into outer space.

Books: Scifi when I was young, non-fiction these days (databooks, scientific literature).

TV shows/Movies: Anything out of the ordinary. I enjoyed The Matrix, Star Wars in my 20s,
Terminator 2 (just loved the metal man and horrified my (long-suffering) NT wife by telling her
I'd love to build one. I also enjoy the more intricate supernatural stuff e.g. The Ninth Gate
although I know it's not real.
BUT mostly I just listen to the radio while indulging in my hobbies and reading informative things on the internet. I enjoy BBC World Service (if it's not too overwhelming) or a music station. Leaves my hands and eyes free to do things.

Instrument: Guitar mainly these days. Keyboards ocasionally. Played tuba in a brass band in my
early teens (not my first choice but I basically had to fill a gap. I think my parents pushed me
into joining; I don't remember how I got involved). I horified my piano teacher when I suddenly
told her I was quitting lessons after discovering I could play by ear (I played a Beach Boys
medley to her). I was hopeless at sight-reading; I could never multi-task, still can't.

Do you like sports? Only individual ones as a participant. In the past golf, kayaking, solo
tramping (just me and nature), I was into skydiving for a few years gack in the 1980s. These
days its getting away for a week or two's skiing when I get a chance. I don't watch sport on TV.

Family: Wife, mother still living, sister and brother who live elsewhere in the country. All NT
as far as I can make out. They fit into the world; I don't.

Clothing: totally casual. I don't care about how I look, just what feels comfortable. However I
can be confortable in dripping wet clothing and japara parka when out tramp[ing in the wild.

How did you find this website?: I found a reference to it in Gavin Bollard's excellent blog
which is where I spent the past couple of weeks learning why I've been broken all my life.

Job: retired, enjoying my electronics design and programming; I give aaway thiings I've built to
others. I've also made some furniture out of recycled N.Z. native timber (rimu). My best piece was an
octagonal living room coffee/dinner table.

Plans for the future? None. I do have to plan ahead for up and coming bills to be paid (and sweating over how to pay them) but otherwise I live in the moment. Always have. I was never able to envision a future.

Any comments? Thankyou for the existence of this forum and I am enjoying reading the
introductory posts from the people on it right now. A new world has just opened up for me. I
finally feel like I belong somewhere. I've always steered clear of blogging and all forms of
social media until now. Now I don't care much any more. I have incurable prostate cancer - if it
doesn't get me, a heart attack probably will; it's in my genes. I spend a lot of time in my
garage/man cave building electronic gadgets and thinking up new circuits.


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25 Apr 2022, 11:52 am

Hello Malco and welcome to WP.

We have quite a bit in common (minus anything Star Wars or Sci Fi). 8)
I like your analogy of the bobbing cork! That's a great way to describe growing up undiagnosed.
I hope to see you around here again.
It's always a shame when new people say hello and then vanish.
It seems you'll have a lot of insights to share, and you can benefit from our support.


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25 Apr 2022, 1:01 pm

Welcome to WP! I hope you like it here. (And I hope you visit the "Television, Film, and Video", I'm guessing you might find it interesting.)

I was diagnosed at age 64 and I was genuinely delighted. It explained so much.

When diagnosed I bought champagne!
I finally knew why people were strange.

jimmy m

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25 Apr 2022, 1:38 pm

Wow, you sound a little like me. I always compared myself to Peter Pan. I never grew old. The main problem is that when young boys turn into young men, they decide everyone must be just like them and they use physical and mental abuse to make it happen. But it didn't work on me. As a result I am a 73 years old and still have a heart as a young child. But a very, very, very smart young child. It works. When I got in my 20s, I found a secret. I could grow a mustache. So after that time, people could no longer see that I was a child because I looked like an adult. So after that life was a blast. My world is so huge.

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Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

Joined: 23 Apr 2022
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25 Apr 2022, 3:54 pm

Thankyou to the kind people who took the time to welcome me to WrongPlanet. :heart:
Right now I am taking some time to read other's intros and learn about the people here.
I don't want to stick my neck out too far by saying more or replying elsewhere right now in case I blow it all by saying something wrong. I have learnt something from my past ineptness. I am looking forward to being more of a participant in future. It is unlikely I'll disappear unless I really botch it. Run and hide is hopefully behind me (but you never know). :|


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29 Apr 2022, 7:11 pm

Welcome to Wrong Planet! :)

Silly NTs, I have Aspergers, and having Aspergers is gr-r-reat!


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02 May 2022, 7:10 am



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