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16 Nov 2011, 11:25 pm

Today, one does not socialize at school. School socializes everyone!

What is the point of tolerance when it is dishonest? What is the point of tolerance when the main things one must tolerate are vulgarities, violence, and vileness? What is the point of tacit acceptance of the problems with substance abuse? Why does no one do anything when someone openly claims to have taken alcohol? Why do people like me have to give up and reluctantly withdraw to the world inside my own head where everything and yet nothing is fine? Why are my observations never heeded? Why can humans not be basically good and occasionally evil? How do most students graduate despite miserable performance at anything but socialization? What happened to true academics and the intellectual drive? What happened to the will to knowledge?

I mourn the figurative death of a desire for self-improvement. Although it reduces the potential competition for college significantly, I cannot help but look at the smoldering remains of what used to be something with a deeper meaning.

"Poe's Law," does not apply. This is authentic.