I feel sort of angry by certain school experiences

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Blue Jay
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06 Aug 2019, 8:03 pm

School starts in about a month and I feel sort of good about it. I think that I will have a lot of good teachers that understand but I am also scared that I might have a teacher who really doesn't understand. I had a teacher like that last semester and it made me feel anxiety every school day. I was teased for being lazy. I tried to hand in work on time but I had to ask for extensions. I did that but I was considered lazy for that. I also had a hard time writing notes and I could have them printed out but most of the time my teacher forgot. I would get them late. They also said I needed to work on my attitude. I never talked back to them, I was mostly quiet the whole semester. They just loved to ask me questions and tease me. I hated that. That was the only regular class I was in that semester. I feel scared of regular classes for that reason.

I had a special education teacher one year who treated me like a child. They would make decisions for me. I did not like that. I was 15. They also would tell me not to stim and would get annoyed when I did not understand a concept. It takes me a while to learn things sometimes. I also learn from being told what to do, not shown and I have to do it at the same time. They told me not to write when they were talking. I have to do it that way. It also sometimes takes about 10 times until I fully understand something.
I ended up moving schools in grade 10. Other than the teacher last semester I have had really good teachers. I am in mostly special education classes due to learning difficulties and attention issues.

jimmy m

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06 Aug 2019, 9:52 pm

Good luck on the upcoming school year. Aspie brains are wired a little differently then others. It takes us a little longer to learn something. And also we have to learn it our own special way which may not make sense to others. But sometimes once we learn it, we really learn it.

I didn't like reading very much in elementary and junior high school but once I entered high school I became very proficient. It may have been due to one class I took in high school. When I entered high school, the requirement to read efficiently became extremely important. My school must have recognized my limitation and placed me in a strange type of special class during my freshman high school year. The training was a type of reading comprehension training. The closest I could describe this approach was a class in Speed Reading. They would flash a paragraph or two of information for a very brief period of time and then measure my comprehension. They tried to teach me tricks on absorbing written material quickly and effectively.

My ability to learn was hindered by my lack of short-term memory. I would read the first sentence of a paragraph and then I would read the next. But by the time I finished the second sentence I forgot what the first sentence was about; so I would reread it. Then off to the third sentence but part way through that I forgot what the first two sentences were about, so I reread them. So it might take me an hour to read one paragraph - a single paragraph. What speed- reading taught me is to quickly identify one or two key words in a paragraph. This was the essence of the paragraph. Once I found them, they would anchor the entire paragraph around those couple words. So instead of reading linearly, I would read information from the inside out. I learned to comprehend meaning by drilling down from those key words to frame the entire paragraph.


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11 Aug 2019, 7:51 am

I only became good in English class when I started liking girls.