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05 Jan 2020, 6:27 am

Something I want to say. If you go through school or college and don't get the grades you wanted you are NOT a failure.
Qualifications are great but they are not essential to be successful in life, and you have learned things which you would not have known.
Many successful people don't have a qualification to their names, so while qualifications make things easier, they are not essential. Ok?
Think of it. The ability to gain a qualification is in most cases having the ability to copy and remember word for word and remember mathematical methods etc... People with this sort of tallent usually do very well in exams, but it is not the whole picture. There is a lot more to you that exams don't show.

Just before leaving secondary school at the age of 16, an old maths teacher who taught my Dad, me and both of my brothers (One who is 18 years younger then me) said
"If you leave this school without a qualification to your name, but you are well mannered, courtious and of good character we as teachers have done our jobs well".
His words stuck with me through all these years.

But what I am saying is, you are far more tallented then you think. So don't let any bad results you may get stop you from achieving success.

I am awaiting an asessment, so I am not sure if I am on the spectrum or not.

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